Funny thing about people – those who are insecure about themselves, unsure who they really are or what their own value is – those people often find strength in the illusion of superiority.

Tales from ‘those people’ inside Monroe Correctional Facility do not disappoint with their ignorance and small minded intolerance. For instance – Jace tells me of when a ‘white boy’, as they are called, wanted to swap with Jace for a pair of headphones. Jace had already purchased a better pair for his tablet so he no longer needed this pair. The man offered to swap for them so Jace agreed to swap for some coffee (instant) from the commissary.

Bartering is an ancient economy of supply and demand. Nothing very hard to understand. Not much that can go wrong. But when you barter with a hater….

When it came time for the ‘white boy’ to pay Jace for the headphones – the man approached Jace about Jace roommate Aaron…

“Hey man, did you know your roommate is GAY???”

“sure I know he’s gay, so what?”

“Doesn’t that creep you out? You’re OK with that?”

“Sure I am, why wouldn’t I be? My little brother is gay and I love him. People are what they are. What if you had black skin? Should I hate you for it?”

Needless to say Jace did NOT get paid for his headphones. He went so far as to talk to the other “white boys” about not getting paid. Apparently if your word is broken there are supposed to be consequences, even in your own group. When Jace spoke to the other ‘white boys’ they didn’t care… “we see you hanging with the black guys all the time, your roommate is gay, and you have ‘dirty papers'” (meaning sex offender).

For some people, ‘Honor’ has a different definition.

My son decided to pass on a piece of wisdom to them:

Of course ‘those people’, the ‘white boys’, did not understand what Jace was saying to them.

Shocker, right?!?!

2 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate

  1. Unfortunately this superiority is learned behavior, just like racism, homophobia, and every other type of prejudice. They learn false information that puts others in the worst light possible, and are taught to hate. For those of us who grew up believing all Americans are created equal, frankly it’s hard to understand and harder to listen to, but it’s here.


  2. It’s very good to hear that Jace has maintained his morals, even after what he has been put through. So many people struggle with morality, especially after they have been mistreated. Too many people like to take out their personal pain on others. It’s a sad reality, and it’s even more sad when people who choose to do such things are people in positions where they have so much power over the lives of others. If there are existing laws to protect people from things like this, they are certainly rarely enforced. There is just too much of this hate and self serving behaviors even in our system that is meant to protect people. That is the harsh reality of our country. Those who truly care about our country are those who care to do something to change this, beginning with doing something about the toxicity that exists within our government systems.


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