A friend of mine, caught in the Whatcom county proactive sex sting, told me that Governer Inslee will be on Bill Maher’s show tonight! (5/3)


Governer Inslee is from WA state and has put his hat in the ring of Democratic presidential candidates.

The problem is that Washington state is a proponent of mass incarceration:

  • Washington state allows a one size fits all punishment for a variety of sex offenses.
  • Washington state has an ‘Indeterminant Sentence Review Board’ meaning when you’ve served your time they’ll decide if they want to give you more.
  • Washington state gives lifetime registration for those required to register.
  • Washington state police run proactive stings that target law abiding citizens even though they cannot keep up with processing rape test kits or responding to citizen reported issues.
  • Washington state gives lifetime parole (calling it community custody does not change what it is).
  • Washington state is not a front runner here in the ‘land of the free’.

After the interview Governor Inslee will be fielding submitted questions. My friends and I have entered multiple questions on incarceration and sentencing – let’s see if Governor Inslee takes a stand for the rights of law abiding citizens.

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