I had never heard of the word indeterminate before my son was falsely accused. Or at least I’d never paid any attention to it. I am a detailed person by nature, much to the dismay of my family and friends at times.

in·de·ter·mi·nate /indəˈtərmənət/

adjective not exactly known, established, or defined

So when the judge gave Jace 18 months I was both shocked and relieved.

Shocked that the police and prosecutors in this state have enough power to turn my son from a law abiding citizen into a felon in a matter of hours and based SOLELY on a few lines typed into a computer dating site.

And relieved that he received an 18 month sentence. So many innocent men caught up in these stings get so much more, regardless of age, criminal history, or lack of intent.

I’m glad that at that time I did not comprehend that this is an ‘Indeterminate’ sentence. The MINIMUM he will do is 18 months. The MAXIMUM is life. And the ‘determinating’ factor in ‘indeterminate’ is a review board.

The review board’s job is to make sure you are rehabilitated.

But what happens if you are in appeal at the time of your review board? How do you prove you are rehabilitated from something you didn’t do? This has been a conversation between Jace and myself for about 6 weeks now.

We’ve gone back and forth…

  • if he lies and says he did it….he has a better chance at release
  • if he lies and says he did it….his appeal will be damaged
  • if he tells the truth….there is a chance they will extend his incarceration.
  • if he tells the truth….his appeal is intact – he has never admitted guilt.

Next week is supposed to be Jace review. Thank you all for your support – please do pray, send love, karma, warm wishes, whatever form of positive energy you believe in. I will be sure to write a post as soon as we find out, hopefully next week.

Assuming I can breathe 😦

4 thoughts on “How to determine ‘Indeterminate’?

  1. Sending prayers, love, positive vibes, and warm wishes for Jace, as well as for you.
    I know how extremely difficult it is to make the decision of whether to stick to the truth (the right thing to do) or lie to give them what they want because it’s more likely to have a better outcome. It’s a horrific situation that nobody should ever wish on anybody else.
    It’s a horrific reality that once these individuals are trapped in one of these traps (sex sting operation), they are instantly, recklessly, and maliciously labeled as child predators. So, that no one believes them when they speak any truth.
    The people who have done this to them do not want to know or hear about anything that goes against what they need and want. They work hard to cover it up. They will lie, cover up, and do just about anything they can do to make sure they can increase the number of arrests and convictions they need to get that money they want.
    This is not about protecting anybody at all. They don’t care if they’ve caught real child predators or not. They just need for these people to just shut up and play the role they need them to play. It’s all self serving. It’s very sick and twisted.
    Like Dr. Phil has said, “The most dangerous lies are those that have some truths in them.” That is exactly what is going on with all this. That is why they are able to get away with locking away innocent people, to make the money they want.
    Police create strange situations that have never happened (or would be extremely rare if real) to trap vulnerable and naive individuals who will fall for it because the targets don’t believe it, or they are curious to find out who would be doing something like this or playing games like this. Not being predators, they fall right in because they don’t suspect that it’s a trap police have set up for self serving purposes. That’s the reality of this. That’s the truth many people don’t like to hear. We all like to believe that these people are honest and well intended. That’s what they’re supposed to be. That’s why it’s so easy for them to fool so many people and continue getting away with this scam, at the very high cost of other people’s lives.
    The only thing wrong Jace did was not take seriously or pay much attention to the fact that this fake person desperately wanted him to believe that she was a 13 year old girl, and that should be a red flag. It’s a red flag Jace ignored because he was so caught up in everything else that police used and did to lure him. They desperately wanted for him to want to have sex with a 13 year old. They even convinced themselves that he did because they were successful in making him believe this person was looking for sex. They distracted him with other things like the video game, etc. They did whatever they had to do to make him do exactly what they wanted. Then they labeled him a child predator and lied to everybody about catching a child predator. This is the perfect way to get nobody to believe him when he says anything that shows he’s not a child predator. We’re all suppose to believe and trust police, and we know that criminals/predators will lie and manipulate.
    How ironic, right? Who has done the manipulating and lying in all this?


  2. Jesus Mary and Joseph…every time you turn around it’s something else thrown into the wheel spokes isn’t it! That’s incredible how much abuse of power is thrown around!!!


  3. Dear Kathleen – my family & I are praying for you and Jace and you are both in our thoughts and hearts. What you are going through is unimaginable torture. I am shocked to find out that the 18 months can be more, how horrible and so unjust. We have to fight this and make the public aware, as everyone’s kids are in danger, not from offenders but from the police. We have to get parents from all over the US that this happened to their child and become a united group that can educate the public of this danger which in turn will help with legislators and ultimately change these horrific laws.


  4. Did you ever see Shawshank Redemption? Your best option is to tell the truth. They can NOT extend his incarceration unless they have reason. To be sure, I will try to find someone whom has been through this for you. Until then, I think I’d do what Red did in Shawshank (http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/shawshank.html):


    slides open with an enormous CLANG. A stark room beyond.
    CAMERA PUSHES through. SIX MEN AND ONE WOMAN sit at a long
    table. An empty chair faces them. We are again in:


    Red enters, sits. 20 years older than when we first saw him.

    MAN #1
    Your file says you’ve served forty
    years of a life sentence. You feel
    you’ve been rehabilitated?

    Red doesn’t answer. Just stares off. Seconds tick by. The
    parole board exchanges glances. Somebody clears his throat.

    MAN #1
    Shall I repeat the question?

    I heard you. Rehabilitated. Let’s
    see now. You know, come to think of
    it, I have no idea what that means.

    MAN #2
    Well, it means you’re ready to
    rejoin society as a–

    I know what you think it means. Me,
    I think it’s a made-up word, a poli-
    tician’s word. A word so young fellas
    like you can wear a suit and tie and
    have a job. What do you really want
    to know? Am I sorry for what I did?

    – —–

    MAN g2
    Well…are you?

    Not a day goes by I don’t feel
    regret, and not because I’m in here
    or because you think I should. I
    look back on myself the way I
    was…stupid kid who did that
    terrible crime…wish I could talk
    sense to him. Tell him how things
    are. But I can’t. That kid’s long
    gone, this old man is all that’s
    left, and I have to live with that.
    Rehabilitated? That’s a bullshit
    word, so you just go on ahead and
    stamp that form there, sonny, and
    stop wasting my damn time. Truth
    is, I don’t give a shit.

    The parole board just stares. Red sits drumming his fingers.


    A big rubber stamp SLAMS down — and lifts away to reveal the
    word “APPROVED” in red ink.


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