My son, Jace, spent his 23 birthday in prison last Monday.

He was surrounded by me, my boyfriend Jim, and the love of his life Vicki. V, as we call her, flew a thousand miles to be with him on that difficult day. I was so very thankful to her.

We laughed, we cried, we drank soda, ate vending machine food, and played games while our asses ached from the uncomfortable chairs, until the guards said ‘Time to go’. It was the best I could do for him. And yet, even stuck in prison for a ‘thought crime’, most consider him ‘lucky’. How fucked up is that?

The truth is this state is prison happy. They jail runaways. Wait what? Kid is unhappy at home so….lets see how happy he is in a detention center? There is talk from some current state candidates of jailing homeless people. Wouldn’t it just be easier to create a penal colony?!?

But hell – there are a number of states just as bad, not that there is any redeeming value in that. And we all know the US doesn’t just lead the world in incarcerating their own people, it blows the other countries away! More than Russia? More than China? How is that even possible? ‘Land of the free’?

But, like I said, Jace is ‘Lucky’. Washington state has two prisons with high concentrations of convicted ‘sex offenders’. And that makes sense since these felons are often the target or others. Murdered a family of five? Nah, you’re just misunderstood. But joe there, he ‘Raped a child!’. Doesn’t matter whether its actually true or not – he’s scum.

It is the states legal obligation to protect their prisoners. After all – these men are stripped of liberty. They cannot defend themselves in any reasonable way we would think of, they are truly captive.

A friend of ours heard today that their son will be heading to Coyote Ridge. He is a victim of a police created, victim less ‘thought crime’. Coyote Ridge does not have a large sexual offender population. The prisoners there are allowed to form gangs. Sexual offender prisoners get regularly moved out of that prison due to abuse by other inmates. Why would the state purposely send someone into that environment? Are prisoners no longer allowed even the basic sense of someone being responsible for what happens to them?

Our heart goes out to our friends and their son. We are hoping for the best and supporting them in any way possible. Please take a moment to send them a prayer, warm thought, or positive vibe to assist them with this development.


3 thoughts on “Moving Along….

  1. Happy Be-lated Birthday, Jace!!

    Yes, “Land of the Free” is a joke. It’s really bad when people working in the system straight out tell you that there is no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty”; that it’s a very normal thing for innocent individuals to be convicted and even be sent to prison (It happens all the time); and then they treat you like you are stupid for not knowing that or not believing it. Then, finally, they show you that it’s very real and true (by doing it), and it’s very easy for them to do.
    This is more like land where it is very easy for people with self-interests only (don’t care about anybody but themselves) and even have ill intentions for others, can get into positions where they have great power over others and can easily abuse people like they like to do, because it is very easy for them to get away with it.
    Pray that you are never targeted by any of these sick individuals we have working in our system. Unfortunately, there are many, and they continue to be protected because of their positions.


  2. Happy Birthday Jace I Love you too. So much it hurts on days like this. But what keeps me going is I know that you have what it takes to make it through this. Your Mom poured her love into you the day you were born, and has cherished you ever since. You are truly blessed and have the love and support of family and friends along with intelligence, strength of character, endurance and humor to get you through tough times. I can’t wait to see you on the other side, time is flying!


  3. My son spent his 23rd birthday along with his 22nd and 24th in a federal prison in Colorado, the closest one to Spokane with the required programs. He will become a free man in a few days just shy of his 26th birthday. Incarceration wounds the one convicted and all of his or her loved ones.


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