Our wonderful friends who do so much on the Florida Action Committee (.org) have been contacted by Noah Pransky. Noah is an investigative reporter for channel 10 in Tampa. In 2015 Noah reported on the illegal proactive police stings and the government overreach that is occurring. Unfortunately, nothing has been done to stop this.


My sister was just talking about the fraud that occurred in the housing bubble – she watched the movie ”The Big Short” – and the parrallels in these police proactive stings.  How those who cut corners for the sole purpose of making money blew the world’s economy up!

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In these ‘sexual offender’ cases it won’t be the world’s economy that suffers – it will just mean the destruction of every young man’s life who is ensnared. AND every young man’s families lives – siblings, parents, friends, grandparents – how many people do you think something like this effects? In Jace case, my son and my life have been forever altered. There is pain one does not return from. As an adult I have experienced these things and can recognize it. I have aged significantly in the last year, it shows on my face. No amount of money or apologies will ever make my son the open, carefree, idealist he once was. My heart emotionally, and quite literally, aches for him.

But I fight for him. I always will. One way is through this open, free exchange of information. I pass out business cards I printed up everywhere I go. I work with Jace two attorneys diligently, and my sister and I have spent thousands of hours researching online.

I have been approached by FAC to see if Mr Pransky might be interested in using Jace story in his upcoming sequence article on this issue. I think it’s important that I do so, if asked, because I know so many people ensnared are scared, confused, embarrassed, or even shunned! Sometimes from their own families!!

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I say again, I am so VERY PROUD OF MY SON. He told the truth. His crime is youth and ignorance. WE HAVE TO STEP UP AND STOP THIS!!!

4 thoughts on “News at 11

  1. Noah and his team did such an excellent job reporting on this subject the first time around. I know that it made an impact in FL’s level of overreach and reduced their numbers. Hopefully, this time with more information he can get more accountability from the responsible parties.


  2. The sad fact is that these stings are such a violation of our rights, they have the public believing they are out arresting pedophiles by the dozens, when in fact a small fraction are really being caught because most are young boys looking for a 1 night stand and they unknowingly get caught up in a sting none of them solicited sex with a child but it was introduced to them by a detective on the other side and tormented until they broke and agreed to meet the person for sex not knowing the word “CHILD” was slipped in somewhere along the conversation. The many REAL pedophiles are slipping away and never being caught until a child reveals what has been done. The public needs to more educated on how these stings go down and its not what we are being told via newspapers! Most answer a sex add involving a woman NOT child, but they use bait and switch method.


  3. i could not agree more, they’re even posing as fake adults with pictures on adult dating websites that are non sexual and losing initial contact


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