The Vancouver police have now added their own attorney to the fight. It seems we’ve surprised them by questioning their ethics.

Wait? Police have to obey the law? When did that happen?

Funny thing is, if you questioned anyone on the street they would have a firm answer as to whether the police act ethically. Half would firmly say ‘YES’, and half would vehemently say ‘NO’. My family and I are now firmly planted in the ‘NO’ camp. It upsets me how long I believed in police integrity.


And for my many public safety friends – of course there are good cops and bad cops – I just foolishly thought the good cops were 1. the majority, and 2. keeping the bad cops in check.

The truth is the bad cops get away with a LOT. And the bad is REALLY BAD!

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I started to understand this as the #blacklivesmatter movement took hold. I lived in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray riots.  What happened, what happens around our country, disgusts me.  When did we all roll over? When did protesting become anti-american? I applaud those with the conviction of truth, justice, and the American way for EVERY citizen.

Not this fake America where takers take, police coerce, politicians turn 180 when the wind blows, and citizens turn their backs when it’s not their demographic being oppressed. Guess what?


If you are not in the 1% who qualify as ‘upper class’ in the united states – your demographic is being oppressed – you just haven’t yet realized it!


In Jace case, the police believe they do not need a warrant or subpoena to defraud a citizen online and collect data without permission on a ‘protected computer’.

Do you know what a ‘protected computer’ is? It’s what you are using right now as you read this blog! If someone defrauded you it would be a crime – yet the police in Washington State think they are above the law.

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As of our last court hearing – the judge in our case says he’s willing to hear both sides on this potentially pivotal discussion.



One thought on “Wait What?!?!?

    When we stopped teaching our children critical thinking skills. When those that are protesting are being funded by the 1% you talk about… While there may be a great number of people that are genuine in their protesting, the organizers and a large number of the participants are funded by the donators, PACs and lobbyists that are putting politicians in office and shaping the laws of this country that are disenfranchising everyone making them that much easier to control.

    If you haven’t read Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged, you should.


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