Get the word out

Law enforcement agencies, in some states, have realized that they can create a frenzy of support, and make LOADS of money, if they give the impression of saving children from harm. To bring attention, and an end, to such tactics requires public education. A LOUD VOICE IS NEEDED For those of you who are skeptic, let's … Continue reading Get the word out

Christmas Present

Doing my best to try and enjoy the season. Getting a tree and decorating this weekend.  I've been having trouble, for the last six months, allowing myself to enjoy much of anything. Christmas will be taking it up another notch. Christmas past, future, and present all come to mind this year, more vividly than usual. … Continue reading Christmas Present

You fell for THAT?!?

Scams have been run all over the world since, well forever. Scams are merely a way of selling something that isn't yours to sell. And the most profitable SCAMS are the ones you don't even realize are SCAMS! Slavery sells human beings: Raping the environment sells our natural resources: Human trafficking and prostitution sells sex: … Continue reading You fell for THAT?!?

Here piggy, piggy, piggy….

Yesterday was a very difficult day. After months of fighting we arrived at the day of sentencing. I sat in the courtroom for four hours while case after case went through. At one point I worried I was going to pass out. I sat ram rod straight and don't think I moved much more than … Continue reading Here piggy, piggy, piggy….