It’s an odd feeling, coming back to the USA , the only home I’ve known. The mixed emotion of comfortable familiarity, and general disappointment and sadness. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been out of the country for the last two weeks.


The break has given me time to think, and with my sister accompanying me we were able to do some brainstorming. A few things I have come up with include gimmicky ways to create awareness – but I also have an idea for something bigger.


We all know there are registered sex offender websites – where the government fearmongers with information on those it has labelled ‘sexual predators’ – displaying their catch like a local fisherman.


Usually these men are all mixed together; the man whose high school sweetheart’s parents reported statutory rape when he turned 18 (even though he is now their son in law), the repeat offender who had molested children for years before getting caught, and the young men entrapped while looking for consensual adult one night stands online. Often intermingled and always publicly shamed.



What if there was an UNREGISTRY? An alternate site where truth defining details show when you do a lookup in your neighborhood? Where repeat offenders, and crimes with a victim are displayed in a way that makes it easy to tell the difference?

It would also then be possible to collect and display statistical information. Something that has been very difficult to find or portray, as normal citizens do not have access to this data or knowledge how to assemble this. Since this information is all public knowledge, and already displayed in a purely punitive manner online, I do not see who, other than haters, would object to this more empathetic display.

To this end I have created an email account to gauge interest. This would be an evolving effort, and take time to get the site useful, but the one thing I know about our group is we have TIME ON OUR HANDS.

Why not use our talents for the good of all instead of wallowing in our feelings of helplessness???



If interested in such a site, whether you are a registered offender or family/friends/support of the cause of reform, please email me at LADYJUSTICEMYTH@GMAIL.COM. I welcome all input but will not respond to anything hateful.




2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Information regarding people, I should say victims, who are caught in proactive police stings is very difficult to sort out from all of the actual sex-crime information on line. Data of this sort would be very helpful and useful in many ways.


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