Thank goodness for Grady Judd!

Sheriff Judd arrested 17 people in “Operation Child Protector” which ran from July 27 through Aug. 1. The sting created a revenue stream for central Florida by generating a purported 49 felonies and two misdemeanours, including “travelling to meet a minor for sex, attempted lewd battery, use of a computer to seduce a child and … Continue reading Thank goodness for Grady Judd!

The road to HELL – Part 2

In my last blog I explained Occums razor and Hickam's dictum as a way to use psychology to understand why it is so hard for others to believe the truth we are telling them. There are other psychological terms that come into play here, not withstanding that most of us have believed the police hold … Continue reading The road to HELL – Part 2

The Road to HELL

I used to be an avid traveler. Before Hell started. Before my life was upending and my smile took a vacation. Back when I was happy, carefree, oblivious. Back when I could, and did, make travel plans every year. Biannual family trips to explore the great American map. Camping, road trips, weekend getaways. Yearly trips … Continue reading The Road to HELL

The Pernicious Lie

As a group, we are starting to come together. Putting logic and understanding into the framework of our mission has become a top priority. When first faced with what is happening here, there is a natural push back. None of us actually wants to believe that our government and law enforcement are purposely targeting innocent … Continue reading The Pernicious Lie