Doing my best to try and enjoy the season. Getting a tree and decorating this weekend.  I’ve been having trouble, for the last six months, allowing myself to enjoy much of anything. Christmas will be taking it up another notch.


Christmas past, future, and present all come to mind this year, more vividly than usual. Raising my boy I always tried to make Christmas morning big for him, and then later, after adpoting his brothers, for all three of my boys. Of course this all really started with my nephew James – I had great practice spoiling him every year. I have a wonderful card from James he sent me when he was maybe 12, stating that he’s always excited every year to get a box from me no matter what’s in it.


Our James is over seas this year fighting to keep our country safe from threats abroad. He’s the handsome rogue third from the right.

But as Uncle Billy so aptly puts to Mr. Potter in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, “After all, Potter, some people like George HAD to stay at home. Not every heel was in Germany and Japan. “


My nephew James is risking his life, while back at home our government is enticing, tricking, and luring young men into servitude for created ‘crimes’. Why? So they can

steal your tax dollars in the name of keeping YOUR FAMILY safe!

What a racquet!

Our family has, and still is, serving our country and citizens. We fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness. Americans are not supposed to enslave others for profit  – did we learn nothing from the ill gotten gains of slavery?!? Isn’t freedom of speech, to manage our own lives, to protect ourselves from indiscriminate search and undeserved imprisonment – aren’t these all the reasons we came here?


Without these truths and freedoms, what are we doing here? Without these, Christmas present and future hold no sparkle for me.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Present

  1. Missing James overseas this Christmas, and missing Jace in Prison. We worry about both of them, don’t exactly know when we’ll see them again, pray that they’ll have some happiness on Christmas Day. It’s never easy when a loved one can’t be home for a holiday, or any day really. Somethings can’t be avoided however someting is also seriously wrong. There has to be a way to build a better mousetrap for the cops. Use the stats, start benchmarking this stuff, raise the bar. How many of these sting victims with no record as a predator, ever do it again after jail time? How many have a previous history? So many more issues to look into, they’ve only found a loophole, they’re not attempting to document it, learn from it, or fix it!


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