Scams have been run all over the world since, well forever. Scams are merely a way of selling something that isn’t yours to sell. And the most profitable SCAMS are the ones you don’t even realize are SCAMS!

Slavery sells human beings:


Raping the environment sells our natural resources:

images (2)

Human trafficking and prostitution sells sex:


Financial deceit sells ‘get rich quick’ schemes:


All scams reap the same reward – MONEY

So when you find law enforcement spending time enticing and luring young, naive men, who have no criminal history or prior disposition for such, into prison for doing NOTHING MORE THAN CONVERSING WITH ANOTHER ADULT that is trying to trick them, what do you think that could be about? I’ll tell you what it’s not about…

it’s not about protecting you and your families!



3 thoughts on “You fell for THAT?!?

  1. Scams suck overall. It is terribly disheartening how much people get taken and lose because of them. Ponzi schemes are just a scam by another name. Off with their heads!


  2. The people working in our justice systems conducting sex sting operations on adult sites, pretending to be catching predators who prey on minors, and prosecuting these people as actual predators who prey on minors, are definately scamming the the public. It is a huge lie and merely an illusion of protection. They are using our tax money to please themselves (their sick egos) by pretending to be protecting children, when in fact they have protected absolutely no one. Then they take our money to pay themselves for it. It it is a huge scam!!

    In Texas, on top of that, there are many people working in our system who will scam the people they bring into the system.
    Here are some real examples:
    1) Police steal cash from people they arrest. They do not turn in/report all cash they take from the individuals they arrest. Police stealing cash from people is a commonly known thing to happen in Midland, TX.
    2) Lied to by jail staff, officers, and even a judge saying that someone can get a pre-trial bond. Once that is paid for, along with like $150 processing fee. It gets denied, and they don’t return the processing fee.
    3) Jail staff lied and said they did not accept cashier’s check or wire transfers to bail someone out with a high bail. Credit or debit card could not be used for this big amount. They insisted on getting cash.
    Talking about pretty much needing to show up with a duffle bag to carry this amount of cash to bail someone out for the pretend crime they, themselves had created.
    It took a lot of push to get them to accept a cashier’s check.
    4) Lawyer and his private investigator (who acted more like the lawyer herself) insisted on using an expert witness of their choosing who (as found out about) was going to charge more than 50% than what he charges others for the same type of case and services. Not wanting to be scammed by them in this way (simply saying no) resulted in insults and attacks from the private investigator (very typical of her) and the “doctor” who acted more like a lawyer himself and foolishly thought that someone would want to pay him a large amount of money (for overpriced services) to insult and attack them for no reason. Excuse me, actually the reason was for pointing out that this was entrapment and created by police. There is video proof of lies created by police that shows how desperate they are to make someone guilty and get their way. These lies are used to indict and prosecute, and you can’t find a lawyer who will use the hard core video evidence of what they did. Pointing out facts like that will result in nonstop insults and attacks. The attacks continue even after you just start accepting everything they say. Basically, they just want you to shut up about it and accept the abuse from them, including scamming you to take more money from you.
    5) Criminal defense attorneys lie to clients to ensure convictions. They don’t work to get an innocent verdict. They pretend that they will fight for this before you hire them. Then after you hire them they switch it and state they will fight for a reduced sentence. A known to be top lawyer in town was going to do nothing different from what the court appointed attorney was going to do. Both lied and said that expert witnesses and character witnesses would only be allowed in court after conviction, for the punishment phase. No one is willing to use hard core evidence of police creating lies that are used to indict and prosecute. “We can’t disrespect the police.” And don’t you dare think about bringing that up in court.
    It takes a lot of consistent standing up, speaking up, taking a lot of abuse, being treated like you are crazy and having them do everything they can to make you and everybody else in the system believe that about you, so that no one listens to you or believes the things you say. They just want you to shut up and not expose them. Trust me, when you are treated that way, take it and run with it. It’s the perfect excuse to continue to speak up. You can just say, “We’ll, I’m crazy. This is what crazy people do.” And continue doing it. As soon as they realize that what they are doing is backfiring, they back away right away and you finally start getting respect. Providing proof of their lies to the court may also help😉 But I guess this only works if the judge him/herself is not a part of the corruption. If they are, just keep trying. Write to everybody about it. Provide all the facts and any proof you have. It will eventually get to someone who is not a part of the corruption. At the very least, it exposes their corruption, which is exactly what they try to keep you from doing. In the long run, it helps others.

    The bottom line is that they need convictions. They do whatever it takes to get as many people as they can in the system because that means more money. Money is the most important thing to them, not protecting anyone, like it should be.
    That’s why I firmly believe we need to require mental health and psychological screenings for people we put in these positions. I am certain that we have a lot of narcissists and even actual psychopaths working in our systems, who certainly do not belong there. It’s a really harsh but true reality we need to face.


  3. Ironically we were taught to trust no one, and if there was a real problem, to go to the police, they were the good guys… Well here we have what should be two people in an innocent enough conversation about hooking up, that turns out to be a scam, by a cop. No victim, no intent, no innocent until proven guilty, plenty of reasonable doubt; GUILTY. Makes you wonder what else they do for money.


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