Let’s ask The Doctor

It's been a very busy few weeks for us here, as we ready ourselves for our interview with 'The Doctor'. When I think of The doctor I tend to think of this guy, above...because, well, I'm a nerd. And I love scarves and time travel. But this guy isn't really a doctor. Or this guy … Continue reading Let’s ask The Doctor

Sophie’s choice

A thing I have been working on in my head, that's been bothering me, is the use of media by the police, that attempts to justify the illegal and unethical tactics of law enforcement in ICAC and MECTF police proactive stings. I managed to make a point of it in my FAC video, made earlier … Continue reading Sophie’s choice

Trick or Treat!

I've always loved the fall weather, and the month of October. Now that I am the mother of a person required to register, and an advocate for change to the sensationalist misinformation surrounding such persons, things that used to bring me joy don't seem to work as well. It seems this year, along with the … Continue reading Trick or Treat!

What’s that Mr Gersh? I have it all wrong?

In a reply to my complaints to Mr Gersh of the DOJ, he informed me of the following: "I want to address your suggestion that OJP funds the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces to “pay these policemen per arrest” and “prosecutors per conviction.” I can assure you that this is not the case. … Continue reading What’s that Mr Gersh? I have it all wrong?

Welcome to the party, Mr. Gersh

I entered a 'whistleblower' complaint against ICAC operatives in WA state over two years ago. As did other parents of young men swept up in their wide nets. I received a form letter back, at that time, basically saying 'Not our problem'. After the TImes article was printed I wrote back to the U.S. department … Continue reading Welcome to the party, Mr. Gersh