For those of you who don’t know me well, I can be outspoken (register shock). I’ve said, since this first happened to us, that LE made a mistake when they started including middle and upper income white families. I didn’t say this to be racist, although my youngest will tell you I am. I said it because I have, and use, white privilege. That’s not to say I use it on purpose, it’s just how I was raised. My parents instilled in me that I had personal protections, under the law. When I found out we really don’t, I was shocked. Still am to a lessor degree.

A new study out of Cornell University (2019) looked at families impacted by incarceration. We’ve heard the statistics, 1 in 4, but inherently knew that wasn’t educated white families. The incarceration of minorities in this country is outlandish! I assumed more often than not, that 1 out of 4 statistic was directed at the unfairly targeted minorities.

And I was right, but also wrong.

The study found that nearly 1 out of 2 families had a member who had been locked up. 45%! And true to previous patterns, minorities and under educated families took the lead at 70%. To those of you who aren’t that good with percentages (I’m thinking back to cutting slices in a pie from elementary school), that’s more than two out of three.

But the number that has changed in all this, is that educated white families make up 15% now – basically one out of 6 families – that have a member who has been incarcerated.

That number is on the rise.

It no longer matters if you are a minority or not. Educated or not. Male or female. Guilty or innocent. We are now truly coming to a point where we will all be the same – imprisoned.

3 thoughts on “Half of us? That’s crazy!

    1. Hi Wylie – yes, I do believe this is racketeering and have said so for years. I have an early blog on that idea dated Aug 12th 2018. I do not have any specific legal basis other than it fits the criteria within the definition and statutes.


  1. Yes police state here we are…as long as we have police, prosecutors and judges creating the crimes and twisting our legal system we will all end up imprisoned. I think that is why they push the “child rape” “human trafficking” QAnon pedophile pizza narrative. Which Rodriguez uses in promoting net nanny and OUR. The public just isn’t finding any information but from the one narrative who has the money and power and stands to gain the most. It is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany where you turn a group on one another. What other crime demands you be imprisoned for life? Put on a registry? Put through Sex Offender Treatment Program? That should be a red flag for anyone. Why are young men being put through a program for people who rape children? When the repeat offender gets a diversionary sentence? The system needs to be transparent and I am sure we would find abuse as in the so called “boys schools”. What group of educated people would demand a victim of a sting go to prison for 9 years, take SOTAP, counseling, lie detector tests, be under DOC custody for life, be on the registry for life and have no contact with anyone for fear you are breaking 30 pages of rules? Some sick individuals who are playing dictator.


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