The Privileged Few

I've always said I'm not racist. I truly felt that in an 'I'm a good person' kinda way. The longest romantic relationship to date that I have had was with a black man. I adopted two Hispanic children. Yet I know it's true that everyone raised in this country cannot help but have racial tendencies. … Continue reading The Privileged Few

Let it be written, Let it be done.

I always try to bring a smidge of humor into my writings and updates. Life, especially now, can be so disheartening. Humor has always been my way to cope. For the last almost 4 years, it's been hard for me to laugh through my tears. I wanted to update you all that Jace written Mandate … Continue reading Let it be written, Let it be done.

Let’s ask The Doctor

It's been a very busy few weeks for us here, as we ready ourselves for our interview with 'The Doctor'. When I think of The doctor I tend to think of this guy, above...because, well, I'm a nerd. And I love scarves and time travel. But this guy isn't really a doctor. Or this guy … Continue reading Let’s ask The Doctor