It’s no surprise to anyone that I have been very depressed for a while now. In truth we are all straddled with such pain and oppression within this police corruption / government scheme that it’s a miracle we can even survive, in my opinion. I completely feel like George Floyd with Chauvin’s knee on my neck. Ever cutting off my air, making even the simplest thing an unbearable struggle.

But we are a long way from seeing those kneeling on our necks where they belong.

I have been attempting to keep my thoughts away from negativity, pain, and suffering, as I find it everywhere I look these days. Obviously my own life, just as all of yours, has taken a turn for the worst. But also the crazy political zealots on both sides, the food and gas shortages, the world ramping up to WWIII – I’m very glad I am not a woman of child-bearing age in this climate of anger and pain, let alone the whole abortion debate!

So last weekend when I turned on the telly, I purposely looked for some stupid comedy to lighten my mood. What I found was a recent movie about a historical house, and the ghost who haunted it. The premise here is that the ghost teaches a crass, crude woman how to be a lady. It was not an overly classic, or even an A-lister film but that was fine with me at the time.

But the most shocking thing happens in this movie – right around 15 minutes in…. the lead character is caught in a proactive sting! You can’t imagine how dumbfounded I was to see this, yet there it was, playing out before me like the bad movie it actually is! And it was so very REAL to me!!! The way they did it, the turn of the phrases the lead character used in a way that made them wrong… such as the pot she had on her that she was delivering to the wrong address was then verbalized as her trying to sell pot to a minor. Perfect and so true!!

And the actor used for the decoy, who was clearly an adult but had a youthful appearance (mostly in that he was short), who continued to send sexual signals even as she was being arrested. As she told the police they were making a mistake. They didn’t care, no one took her seriously or even listened.

There’s a scene in the jail where her husband says ‘I have good news for you’…. they’ve agreed to drop the drug charges. All you have to do is go on the registry!!

You all might think this is horrible but as I thought about it I’ve decided it’s really a good thing. And I wonder if this wasn’t on purpose…maybe one of the writers has a loved one caught in one of these, cause it definitely showed an unflattering side of the sting. The actual stupidity of what happened to her. They even showed a man walking up to the house, the supposed ‘perp’, and they even made him a touch comical. This is the first time I’ve seen portrayal of a sex sting as less than honorable in the media.

The movie is loaded with sexual scenes, innuendo, bad relationship choices etc. And ultimately the lead character gets her act together and saves the day. But then again, Right on cue, she is arrested and taken away by police for none other than

Failure to register!

I would suggest you all watch this portrayal. To me this marks a turn in public perception. Maybe not of persons required to register in general, but certainly of those caught in stings. I do want to reach out to the writers / directors who are a pair of brothers. It is my feeling that they’ve been touched by this scam in some way themselves.

3 thoughts on “We’re on TV now

  1. Wow, your writing actually made it more desirable to follow-up and watch this movie.

    Hang in there, your articles are improving as you grow and move forward.

    Have a great day.



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