I heard someone say recently…

When something bad happens, You have to look it in the eye to break the spell.

That’s what I try to do. That’s what Jace is trying to do. Look it in the eye. That’s what we all try to do here, at CAGE. It’s amazing to me how many people I have spoken to, all the stories I have heard, all the lives that have been ruined. It’s a lot to hear, a lot to process, a lot to hold on to.

I was recently reading the FAC newsletter, with the comparison of what we are all experiencing as being a form of PTSD, only it’s ongoing. That was the same conclusion my therapist and I had reached earlier this year. There is no recovery – it’s a game of endurance and resilience. You can’t actually recover until it’s in your past. The only option you have while stuck within the trauma is to employ self-help, and the help of those sitting next to you in the trenches.

And yes, you might have to lose a bit of your soul to get through it. Like a wolf chewing off its own paw to escape the trap…our minds are not made to withstand constant threat, sadness, despair. And yet, on we press (just for you Audra). Humans have persecuted each other, in both small and large ways, since forever…. this is just the travesty we are living.

The thing is to not stop moving forward. That means grouping together to fight the evil. Bringing awareness to our cause. Not lying down and curling up in a ball (well not for too long) and letting this ‘bad’ happen to others, continue happening to others, without our raised voices calling it out for what it is!

We are the good people. We look this in the eye. We don’t pretend.

2 thoughts on “When bad things happen

  1. No, we don’t pretend as those who have been running these so called child predator sting operations have been doing and lying about.
    We don’t pretend as some of our legislators have been doing when they pass legislation such as the “Kids Online Safety Act”, accusing big tech companies of putting “making a profit” before children’s safety, which is exactly what ICAC task forces have been doing for many years, but there is no legislation being passed to hold them accountable for that. There is nothing being done to hold ICAC accountable for defrauding American taxpayers and other well-intended donors who were fooled into believing the online sting operations they have been conducting are intended to help keep children safe online from predators.
    The sting operations they have been conducting actually have NOTHING to do with trying to protect children from online predators, as they have falsely been claiming, but they’ve continued to be funded, rewarded for creating fake crimes, using a lot of deception and cover ups to force these wrongful convictions, and lying to the public about it all.
    Why does the Kids Online Safety Act not include anything about holding anybody else, like ICAC, accountable for defrauding taxpayers and private donors and not using the donations they have received to try to save and protect children from online predators, as that money is intended for? Why not start with fixing what’s broken in our system?


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