In speaking with my boyfriend, we were considering “Do you think most people are ‘Good’?” We both said ‘yes’ – we both believe most people are good people. With maybe 10% max of either mean, malicious, or just simply selfish people. They are out there, but are not the norm.

So why is it that every man, who continues talking to the adult, pretending to be a child, is prosecuted? Are cops really a different species? Have we gone so low, from a law enforcement standpoint, that the police believe citizens are all ‘bad people’? With alternate, insidious natures and agendas? Is it really ‘Us’ against ‘Them’?

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What about the man who goes to find this ‘child’ to inform the child’s parents of the dangerous game the child is involved in? Do you know of any other way to get someones location off a website without agreeing to meet? The ‘child’ would just stop communicating and be lost – presumably to become a victim to a lesser man.

What about the man who goes to tell this child themselves how foolish they are being? Perhaps they believe or were told the ‘child’ is in an abusive home life (like neglect).

What about the man who wants to validate the address to take this to the police? Or child services? To help get this child some protection?

What about the man who goes to meet the ‘child’ because they are runaways? Homeless? Alone on the street and they want to buy them a meal, talk with them, maybe get them to call home…?

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What about the man who completely, blatantly, does not believe the ‘child’ is a child. The man who believes the ‘child’ is an adult who wishes to role play in sexual fantasy? Who goes to the meet to engage in adult, consensual sex?

What about the man who is interested in consensual sex with the mother only? Willing to talk about sex with minors if that turns the woman on but not at all interested or willing to engage in that facet…?

How is it the police KNOW what is in each man’s heart just by conversing with these men while focused on their ruse? Are they trained in the psychology of human sexuality? Are they aware of the use of internet sexual fantasy for gratification? Do they have safeguards in place to recognize and avoid men who fall into ANY of the above thought patterns, or any other LEGAL, potentially possible scenarios?

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As we gain more and more information on these stings the answer is an unequivocal ‘NO’. The police who run these stings, the prosecutors who work, literally, with the police to ensnare these men (something that is actually illegal to do), and even military personel (another illegal maneuver) all out to label citizens ‘predators’. The judges who rubber stamp the outrageous sentences and plea deals, without so much as a question ‘WHY?’, are simply NOT defending our civil liberties.

When will we wake up and blame ourselves for letting this continue?

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