Into the second half of the ‘speed trap’ comparison we’ve said that the main difference is the guise used in these proactive stings. At least so far in our story. But that is a major piece to this….

If you are speeding and see a cop – you know you are busted – you are doing something wrong and there is an authority there to catch you.

Now compare that to NOT doing anything wrong, on an adult dating site, and you see the cop – but he is disguised. No problem, right, he would just leave you alone… Foolishly you write to whatever ad they have placed to entice men, especially young men, and their game begins.

Here is a classic example of the police guise:

This is a real ad – the man who answered this ad was arrested and is pending trial. The ad clearly states they are a ‘couple’ and shows an age of 42.

The police changed the ad after they started talking. He fortunately kept a picture of the original. When they busted him the ad read “SPECIAL COUPLE J, 14”

This is a classic example of their tactics. Tell me, how can you compare deception to entice a crime with trapping people who are breaking the law?

  • If the speed trap officer changed the limit sign after you pass it – that might be a valid comparison.
  • If the speed trap officer was the passenger in your car and egged you on – ‘You aren’t MAN enough to speed’ – that might be a valid comparison.
  • If the speed trap officer called you the day AFTER you weren’t speeding – and asked to watch you drive again – that might be a valid comparison.
  • If the speed trap officer who pulled you over for NOT speeding would only let you leave if you speed for him – you might have a valid comparison.

Still think these two are similar?

One scenario is attempting to maintain law and order, keep others safe. The other is a professionally trained cop willing to lure you any way they can – to dilute public safety with police created predators, while ‘earning’ tax payer funds to ruin even more innocent people’s lives.

2 thoughts on “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. And they do it because they know they can get away with it. It’s easy money and an easy way to steal admiration they haven’t earned.


  2. One is something you actually do, (maybe)… the other is something that you only think about, allude to or chat about, and as you don’t know all of the facts is the case as they are misrepresented you never have a meeting of the minds and no true contract or arrangement.

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