As we have previously said – WA state is a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to it’s persons required to register as a sex offender. As most of you know last week my son went in front of the review board, a sort of make or break choice as to whether THEY think your sentence was adequate.

So I am now watching the ISRB webpage to see when Jace decision comes out – feel like a teenager looking to see if I made the school play!

Jace questioned whether he was one of, or the actual first, proactive sex offender to come in front of the ISRB. I’d been trying to figure that out for some time with no luck. But I did start reading some of the cases coming up in front of the ISRB. Under their webpage a listing contains the most recent meeting minutes.

Below are the current 6 cases listed:

  1. Ms. Farrell is being reviewed by the ISRB for two counts of Murder in the First Degree in Whatcom County Cause #89-8-00046-4. The murders involved the stabbing and beating of two known adult victims who were father and daughter.
  2. The crimes involved him and his crime partner forcing their way into a home with a firearm and sexually assaulting a known female and forcing the other occupant in the house to perform sexual acts on that same female.
  3. The crime involved Mr. Chambers killing a 13 year old girl for whom he reportedly had a brief relationship. The victim was babysitting for a neighbor when Mr. Chambers arrived in the middle of the night. He assaulted her, took her from the residence and stabbed her. He left her body by a nearby river.
  4. The crime involved an armed home invasion and robbery. The victims in this case were husband and wife. They were bound, and the wife was taken to another area and sexually assaulted.
  5. Mr. Williams is under the jurisdiction of the Board in Spokane County Cause 83-1-00525-7 for Kidnapping in the First Degree and Rape in the First Degree. He is also under the jurisdiction of the Board in Spokane County Cause 04-1- 02812-5 for Murder in the Second Degree.
  6. The crime involved Mr. Marzano and two accomplices killing two teenage boys during a drug robbery. The victims were tied up and searched for marijuana and money. When there was none, the victims were killed. Mr. Marzano and his accomplices burned down the cabin where the crimes were 2 committed in an attempt to destroy evidence

Now I do not know what the notes will say about Jace but let’s imagine here:

Mr. Hambrick’s crime involved answering an advertisement on a dating website. The post made no mention of age. Mr Hambrick was told the person he was communicating with was a 13 year old child – but he chose to believe the picture he was sent of an adult, and his intuition, and decided to meet the ‘minor’ regardless. Mr. Hambrick, having correctly assessed the situation, that there was no minor involved, but being too naive to grasp the repercussions, entered the private residence with that same adult from the picture he received!


Anyone reading this can easily see that this case does not reflect even a fraction of the seriousness as a normal ISRB review. Yet here we are. Do we need Big Bird to explain ‘differences’ to us again?!?

Image result for which one of these is not like the other?

3 thoughts on “Apples to Oranges

  1. The problem is that when you are dealing with people who are working in the system just to serve themselves, no amount of logic, common sense, or reality is going to make a difference. Dangerous people will ignore all of that, and keep the focus on whatever they need to keep it on, to get what they want. That is how to spot a dangerous person. They will ignore all logic and reality, while they continue to push their own agenda.
    Unfortunately, there are too many of these individuals working in our system, and it is very easy for them to get away with it, because it is very easy for them to fool those around them and fool the public. Unfortunately, this is what has happened with many of these sex sting operation cases.
    All we can do is pray and hope that the individuals that Jace met with (from the board) are some of the good, honest ones, with the right intentions, and not more of what we have seen.

    The most dangerous criminals have always turned out to be people who were hiding in plain sight, pretending to be “good” people and doing “honest” and “good” work. They know how to hide behind the law. They know how to hide behind titles.

    Here’s a perfect example and very fitting. An actual child predator was pretending to be catching online “child predators” in sex sting operations. Makes me wonder if the idea of catching “child predators” on adult sites came from someone like him.

    The guy in charge of sex sting operations in Washington state (known as the “God told me to save the children” guy) seems very creepy. I’ve read and seen an interview. There is something off about him. He knows the right things to say. He knows what to keep the focus on, to keep other things hidden (covered up). Red flag! 🚩


  2. Fruit Salad anyone? A case like this starts to make you question your sanity at some point. Where every single point that you have ever learned about courts, laws and justice in our system is turned on its head it’s hard to comprehend. When there is no rule of law, no justice, no court system; only references to a secret manual that only the prosecution conveniently has access to, and they work with the judge, and the money… so much money. Keep the jail beds full, tell the BIG LIE, people will believe it…


  3. You described the sex sting situation so well – it sounds like a joke that this would be considered a crime but unfortunately it is – a made up crime. And as always we know that money is what is behind these made up crimes – certainly not safety, and the public who is not knowledgeable about these sex stings are paying for it with their tax money. We need to figure out a way to inform the public about who can be on the registry – including their own kids, and ask the public to demand these horrific laws change!!


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