Preparing for my appointment with a WA state member of the legislature, I am doing a lot of statistics and fact checking. One very upsetting truth to these illegal proactive sex stings run by the very people WE PAY TO KEEP US SAFE, is that when falsely accused many men choose to take their own lives.

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I cannot imagine how these men feel. But I can tell you how a loved one feels. Someone who really loves the person who was falsely accused. For those of us who actually believe that bad things DO happen to good people – we are drenched in the sorrow of watching our loved one be arbitrarily singled out. Prosecuted for some weakness or strength that the police use against these ensnared men (and women).

What would make family turn their backs on those they love? I cannot say, the idea never crossed my mind when my son Jace was falsely accused. And your best friend? You’ve known him for years! He’s been there through your rough times – had your back – but somehow….now he’s not worth your trust? You feel like maybe you’ve never really known him at all? Wait…WHAT??

It is my belief that these days, the days I suffer for my son, and those who are paying the price of the governments loose leash on police in our nation, these are the days that define us. Blue skies are easy. But standing beside your loved ones when the rainstorms of our lives blow – That shows our true nature.

My sister Sally has been texting me support, my sister Maureen called to make me laugh today. My boyfriend, who actually fell in love with me during the days when I couldn’t NOT cry, held me close this morning and told me we can survive anything as long as we do it together. My friends constantly send me support.

I know I am blessed. And through me, and our family, Jace too is blessed.

Those souls who have reached out to me in pain, wanting to end their life for fear of the suffering that is coming their way, I want to say ‘I get it’. But know that even though others have turned their backs on you – this is not the end of you. Real people, people who want to help and support you, are here for you. All you need do is reach out.

Please do NOT allow anyone to make you feel your life is not worth living. You are worth the fight. Stand up. Reach out. Make a stand and make a difference.

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