There is a slow awakening happening in this country – and I’m not talking about #45!

The frenzied war on those labeled ‘sex offender’ is reaching a critical point. Not only are there stigma against those prosecuted in these cases, like the one jace was ensnared in, but so are the family and friends!

In the UK recently, a woman was ‘let go’ when she failed to report a relationship with a registered sex offender. FAILED TO REPORT A RELATIONSHIP?!?! It does not mention if this friendship was romantic or platonic. This is someone she does NOT live with.

It’s bad enough that those residing with a registered sex offender are restricted in many ways as the offender themselves. When did that become legal?!?! Now you have to disclose any friendships as well?

When will the line be drawn in the sand how much punishment, for how long, can be added to these peoples shoulders? Do we want registered sex offenders to be re assimilated into our societies? Or are we really heading toward creating an exclusive outside community?

And remember that there is NO DISTINCTION in these laws as to what the actual ‘crime’ is. Urinating in public, dating your childhood sweetheart when you turn of age, falling prey to police overreach for monetary gain – all of these VICTIM LESS crimes hold the EXACT SAME post prison RESTRICTIONS as a violent gang rape. What?!?!

In most states registered sex offender cannot live within communities. Legislature is in the works to add indicators on drivers licenses of registrants (this means the cashier at Aldi’s knows when she cashes your check!), and indicators are used to exclude registrants from vacationing abroad.

Are we really working to eradicate crimes against children? Or are we in fact creating money making jobs off ruining human beings lives?

Unless we can put a stop to this crazy witch hunt our society will be divided. Loving, knowing, supporting, working with, friendly with, having coffee with?? a registered person will require you do so away from Polite Society.

A pariah society is a society completely separate from the mainstream. There have been, and continue to be, a number of times and places when this has been done – but I hold that it has no place in this country, in the year 2019!

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