The courts are filling up with retaliation. Judges are speaking up against the extreme punishments and useless punitive restrictions.

I recently volunteered to assist the FAC (Florida Action Committee) with an influx of membership calls stemming from their recent court victory.

That’s right – VICTORY! The FAC has been fighting for registrants rights since 2006. I lived in Florida from 1992 into 2011 – my son Jace was born and raised in Florida. Yet in all that time I knew nothing of the plight of registrants. Never knew about the proactive police stings. Vaguely even remember the ‘To Catch A Predator’ craze.

But I know a lot more about all this now.

The FAC petitioned the federal courts concerning the vagueness used by the FDLE requirements for registering internet identifiers used by persons required to register as a sex offender. While it wasn’t a complete victory the suit did bring clarification and significantly decrease the number of instances that Florida Law Enforcement can collect and disseminate that information.

The part I find extremely gratifying is that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had to PAY FOR FAC’s LEGAL FEES!! Having spent going on $100,000 to support and defend Jace over the last two years…

It’s about time LE has to pay as well.

But this is not the only news – it seems daily that states are filing to loosen restrictions, redefine tiers, questioning registration effectiveness, looking to lesson time required on registry, etc.

It brings me some hope that my innocent son’s life, as well as many others, may not be ruined, just interrupted. Still unjust. But hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Is the tide turning?

  1. I have to think this is largely due to the fighters and not the unfortunate ones convinced to take the deal. Any thing that can be done to get information out there to help people thru the steps of fighting these cases goes a long way.

    Most of the info we found sounded more like someone selling something in a back alley than real information. And it was all little pieces mixed with emotion, personal stories, misinformation and vague references.

    We had no idea of the steps, our odds, costs, timelines, known laws that could apply, other extenuating circumstances… and not to count on the police, the judge or our lawyer!

    We’re wearing them down!!!


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