What attracts two people? Arguably not knowing things about the other is a big turn on. When we meet someone new, the mystery of who they are, what they offer us, what may happen between us… these thoughts are often more enticing than the truth. Fantasy, imagination, conjecture.

People pretend to be what they aren’t. What they wish they were. What they once were. What they will never be. What they think you want them to be. What they want you to think you want.

But the truth about meeting someone, for the first time, with the hopes of a sexual encounter, is that you have no idea what you will actually find.

So the police CREATE a scenario. They set it up thinking that THEY KNOW what someone wants. But what the police don’t take into consideration is that the other party may be lying as well. Or maybe they do, knowing there is NO WAY anyone will believe anything they say.

Which takes me to another kind of a ‘peel’. After the sex appeal, and the slippery peel, we arrive at the legal ‘appeal’.

Court of Appeals: Trial and Errors.

On January 23rd, 2019 – the appellate court of washington state overturned a case very similar to Jace’s where Ken Chapman had been convicted by jury trial on attempted rape of a child and immoral communication with a child.

” We reverse Chapman’s conviction for attempted first degree rape of a child and attempted commercial sex abuse of a minor, affirm his conviction for communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion”

We applaud the wisdom of these judges and wish Mr Chapman luck in resolving his situation in a much more reasonable fashion than his previous sentence of over 10 years!

2 thoughts on “Sex Appeal

  1. That’s great to hear. I don’t know the details of this case, but I know that a big reason for why juries and judges convict in these cases is because it’s very easy for police and prosecutors to take anything a defendant has said and twist it into what they need and want it to be, in order to make it much more likely to get what they want, a conviction. It’s also very easy for them to create lies and get away with it, when they keep the video evidence of this out of court.
    In Midland, TX, the criminal defense attorneys even help them cover up these things. You cannot find a lawyer who is willing to use the video evidence of the interviews to show and prove that the police and prosecutors have twisted things into what they need them to be. It’s wrong to not allow jurors or judges to see this kind of evidence for themselves (especially when the defendant wants this) and allow them to make their decisions based on what they see and hear for themselves. A criminal defense lawyer will even go as far as to file a motion to keep video evidence like this out, against the defendants approval, all done for the sole purpose of covering up police and state corruption (and of course, also to get the convictions they desperately want)


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