There are a lot of things, in Jace case, that just don’t make any sense.

Like many ensnared in one of these proactive stings Jace was looking for a consensual adult with whom to hook up, and maybe a relationship…. While the police officers were trying to lead Jace into writing exactly what it is they needed to read in order to be able to twist Jace intent into something it wasn’t – there were a lot of clues that Jace was looking for a woman.

Obvious things like –

  • ‘Do you live alone?’
  • ‘Maybe this could lead to more…’
  • ‘Personally I enjoy teasing a woman’s body’

On top of these statements it was obvious Jace had never previously had contact of this nature with a child – from the polygraph, to the interviews, to the non existence of child porn, child chats, and child websites on his phone, so everyone there KNEW that he had no history of this type of behavior.

Jace did not have any contact with a child during this incident either – there was no child. And Jace repeated, OVER AND OVER, that if he had met a child at the door he would have turned away. So, nothing happened at the incident time above stupidity to verify if the other person was adult or child.

And then at sentencing, the lawyer, and judge both stated that they do not believe Jace will ever do something as foolish as go to see if the woman he is trying to hook up really is a minor or not. They knew he had learned his lesson about this.

So there were no kids before, no kids during, and no worry about kids after.

Yet Jace was sentenced to prison time. When a judge concedes that the ‘perpetrator’ is not a risk to anyone….exactly what could be the reason to put that young man in prison? And what possible good could it do ANYONE to put such a persons name on the sex offender registries?

Except those who make a buck off of it!

7 thoughts on “Not then, Not now, Not ever

  1. I agree with you. The judge may be very weak and didn’t want to take a chance of disrupting the “status quo” by not requiring a prison term for all the “hard” work the police did. He was probably also aware that the industry requires judges to help add to the job security and profits that go with the entire system. So many in the system just go along to get along. They don’t see defendants as individuals.


    1. The Judge is also an elected official. It’s actually easier for a murderer to get a fair trial, at least they know what laws are broken, have rights and are held up to Precedent of existing cases… when your accused of a sex crime that involves underage that all goes out the window and you’re guilty until proven innocent, good luck with that.


  2. All of the evidence suggests something went very wrong in Jace case just like in many like it I’m sure. He defies the stereotype of a sexual predator, experts all agree it’s not if but when, they will they will do it again. Experts in Jace case don’t believe he will do it again… Do what, think about sex, go online to adult only websites, probably not! However by the experts saying he won’t do it again they are changing him from a sex offender to what? Just a young guy who stumbled into a sting and did something stupid? Made a bad choice thinking he was doing the right thing? Do you have to pay the rest of your life for that???


  3. That’s why I’ve said that it’s very stupid that they simply gave him less prison time for not being a predator. It’s absolutely ridiculous!
    These people have no integrity. Therefore, they have no business working in our government. They need serious help!
    Hmm, I wonder if prison would fix that for them? It’s the same stupidity they’re using!


  4. Insane the Judge openly says this about Jace which is a Fact. He like not all but many others is not a danger, and will never be a danger to anyone but let’s give him prison time, because it’s a sex offense and it’s elected officials who do not want to look bad among their peers, second the money that comes in, third..why make all that hard police work look bad by dismissal? Cutting of fubds for future stings, And finally and more importantly the Registry.. That is the modern day scarlet letter.. Nothing to play with but again let’s put you in that group for falling into our trap.. Or Playing the game. No matter how innocent you seem to be. We will guess what you were thinking. It doesn’t make sense.


  5. Intentions matter. Jace did not intend on hurting anyone, and they clearly know that. However, of course, to people of no integrity, intentions don’t matter, especially when the lack of bad intention in a defendant goes against serving their own purpose (law enforcement’s purpose).
    It’s actually closer to making more sense to put them in prison for what they are doing to people, because they are the ones with the wrong and bad intentions.


    1. I would agree with you Aracely, and Kathleen. It is an injustice what they are doing. It’s nonsense; I am sorry for the pain you are going through.

      Shar not Lex

      Best Wishes


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