As I try to get all my ducks in a row so I can leave this beautiful, logical, ethical, and legal state of Oregon, I feel a bit like I’m heading into the Lions Den.


Oregon does not partake in Illegal police / ICAC proactive stings. The Oregon ICAC task force, from what I am told, runs proactive stings on websites where people are actually LOOKING FOR MINORS. Hey, that kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

But I’m leaving this state to go spend the better part of a year up in Washington State – where we KNOW illegal proactive stings are being run, costing people the lives they once new, and gaining WA state millions.

I’m a little scared.


If Washington State can run these stings, and have no consequences for their actions – how safe will I be? What if I end up in court for something up there?

  • In a state where mens rea (intent) isn’t necessary to prove.

  • Where evidence in a case is taken in the light most favorable to the state?

  • Where someones predisposition is ‘proven’ by being involved in an action?

By Washington state’s definition – that would mean one is predisposed to every thing they do!



According to the Dictionary:


The definition of a predisposition is a tendency, or something that is likely to happen.

Ummm, Likely to happen and happened are not the same, are they?



So what if I make a rolling stop at an intersection and there is a pedestrian walking somewhere on that SAME BLOCK???


What if I give money to a bum – AND HE HAS THE LAST TIP OF A JOINT ON HIM???


What if I stop in a grocery store to make faces with a baby and the mother says I’m ‘sketchy’??


How can an entire state, or an entire nation, not see the folly in what is going on here?

I am scared.

We all should be.



5 thoughts on “These boots were made…

  1. Another definition of “Predisposition” says “already heading that way”, what are we doing here reverse engineering crimes? Finding people guilty, well they were found guilty so they were clearly heading that way, which shows that they were predisposed. How convenient.
    I’m surprised that we even get to hear the accused side. I witnessed the court hearings. I heard things that I didn’t believe police officers or State Prosecutors could or would mislead or lie about. A Judge who wasn’t even paying attention. And a young man who poured his life out unashamedly for all to see that he had nothing to hide. We have to find better ways to fight this. We must, this fear is very real, we have a generation of kids growing up on the internet and they’re going after them.

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  2. I think the best way to predict what innocent group of people they are going to target next, for them to make money off of, is to pay attention to what is being made a big deal about in the media. That is what they are going to use to get what they want because they know that playing on people’s emotions works.
    They, of course, purposely leave out information that would change people’s opinions, like: “Teenagers going onto Craigslist looking to hook up with adults and giving their real age is not a real problem that really exists. There is no real reason to look for predators that target minors on adult sites, but we are just too lazy or maybe even too stupid to find the real predators in the right places.” Or:
    “Actually,, we are just greedy bastards that just want the money and as much of it as we can get. So, we need to create as many predators as we can, to get what we want.”
    As one court appointed attorney stated to us: “Who gives a rat’s ass about anybody else!” He made it very clear that everything should always just be about yourself. You should never try to help anyone else, and you are stupid if you do try. Yes, he used the word “stupid” to describe trying to help anyone.
    True story.
    That’s the mentality of the people working in our system. That’s why they believe the stupid things they do and have a difficult time distinguishing truth and reality from what’s not true or not real. They really believe that everyone else is just like them.
    This man has been an attorney for over 30 years. That was his advice. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Then he said that truth is relative. That means they all get to choose whatever they want to believe. Facts don’t matter. They have the right to ignore any facts they don’t like, that don’t fit in with whatever fantasy they choose to create to serve their own selfish purposes. This attorney very much showed that this was the case, and he straight out said that it does not matter if someone is not a real predator. If the state chooses to (pretend) to believe that the person they picked on is a predator, then they have the right to label him as that and lock him up for it. Believing that anybody is innocent until proven guilty is just being naive. Apparently, everybody knows that there is no truth to that. I guess we were the only stupid people that didn’t know that.

    Kathleen, I’m sorry to hear that you are having to leave a civilized state to go live in one run by savages.


  3. Regardless how negatively Washington behaves, my belief is you’re going to come out fine. Not that there’s any reason one should have to be on their extra good behavior.


  4. Washington, Georgia and Florida are competing for the title of Worst state for ‘legal online dating ‘ and most corrupt stated relating to child stings and how improperly they’re done. Stay strong.


  5. The law, as defined in Washington for these “Attempt” crimes the prosecutor must prove: “A person is guilty of an attempt to commit a crime if, with intent to commit a specific crime, he or she does any act which is a substantial step toward the commission of that crime.”

    So they argue the substantial step–you show up–and they win. But isn’t there more too it then that? What about INTENT which would fall on PREDISPOSITION? Why don’t they look into that? So, on INTENT they use the texting on substantial step they use showing up. This is why so many plea and so many lose their cases. We will PRAY and we will FIGHT!


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