When not in emotional stress, I am a comedian by nature. I joke, I tease, I play jokes. I’m witty, sharp, quick to associate things that most people miss.


When I was younger, as my sisters will vouch, our father used to tell us ‘nonsense jokes’. As I got older, sarcasm crept in 🙂

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So when I heard some version of the divining rod joke years ago, it’s stuck with me as particularly funny. Here is a version of the joke:

A man is sprinkling a powder all over the streets, when a policeman walks up to him and asks what on earth he is doing. The man replies saying keeping the elephants away of course! It’s elephant repellent!

The officer replies, don’t be absurd, there are no elephants here. The man replies saying

then it must be working!


This seems to be the thinking used by many law enforcement agencies today. I read a bunch of different articles over the last few weeks about RSO (Registered Sexual Offenders) Halloween restrictions.


The sheriff of butts county Georgia, Gary Long, put a sign in the yard of every RSO in his jurisdiction.


Who cares that there has NEVER been an actual pedophile incident on October 31st in that County!

No kids were harmed by RSO’s and no elephants showed up!

See! The sign WORKED!!

In Groveton Georgia, 25 to 30 RSO’s were housed in council chambers while children went trick or treating. Mayor Gary Jones said the plan will “ensure the safety of our children.”

No kids were harmed by RSO’s and no elephants showed up!

See! The unlawful detention WORKED!!

The Patch newspaper published a map for Tom’s River, NJ depicting all RSO known addresses.


In other words, Patch publishes a list of people who have served their time and are extremely unlikely to offend again, in order to make parents terrified that the people at those addresses are out to hurt their kids.

This Halloween, like every other Halloween in Tom’s River NJ…

No kids were harmed by RSO’s and no elephants showed up!

See! The fear mongering WORKED!!


Divining (or dowsing) is the method by which some people claim to be able to locate water. It is difficult to objectively determine whether divining actually works. Yet this ‘tool’ was used for centuries, regardless of its complete lack of scientific basis, and it’s incredibly low rate of success.

Law Enforcement are using the same thought process employed centuries ago, even though scientifically we have developed logical, precise ways; both to find water underground, and to gauge an offenders risk of re-offending.

But law enforcement does not want to use the logic of science. The business of ‘keeping our communities safe’ is booming and as long as it remains profitable, our police will continue carry a divining rod and sprinkling powder to prove we need their protection from these MONSTERS!







2 thoughts on “How DIVINE!

  1. It’s just one more thing they do to try to make it look like “they are doing their job” when they really are not. People are interested in true protection, not illusions of it, which seems to be a very common thing for police to do now a days. Either they must have nothing else to do because crime is down (which is great), or they feel very inadequate. So, they have to keep coming up with things to do, like this that serve no real purpose, but it makes them feel good about themselves.
    Maybe we need to spend more money on training police on reality and helping them find healthy ways to feel better about themselves. So, that they don’t have to create situations where they are hurting others by creating situations that are merely illusions of them “doing their job”, when in fact they are protecting no one, for the sole purpose of making themselves feel good about themselves.
    I realize not all police officers have this problem, but there are obviously a lot that do, and it is a nationwide problem. There needs to be a program in place to help these officers, stop this abuse, and even remove the ones who have know business serving the public. Some of the are just straight up evil and are just in it for the power and control of others. People need to be able to recognize these psychopaths who charm their way into the police force and enjoy abusing others.
    I personally am convinced that Texas DPS has an actual psychopath working for them, pretending to be conducting lie detector tests. He’s someone they’re probably very proud to have because he pretends to be so good at his job. In reality, he’s an abusive idiot who uses intimidation to force people to create the stories he needs to make him look like he’s so damn good at his job. Then everybody else in the system just goes along pretending to believe the stories he creates. I’m sure he’s loving it. He’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I think any normal person who watches the video evidence I have of this idiot doing this would agree that this guy is very likely a psychopath. I caught on to even more things he does to get what he wants, after watching it more than once. He’s actually quite scary, not a normal person at all.
    Texas DPS either just ignores this because he makes them feel good about themselves or because they truly are blind to being able to identify individuals who truly are a risk or danger to others. There needs to be training and public awareness in identifying these individuals who are working in our system. It’s a real problem. The police force is something that does easily attract psychopaths and narcissists because it’s easy for them to get away with their abusive behaviors there. Psychopaths and narcissists love putting the focus on the bad behavior of others to keep it off of their own bad behaviors. They’ll even create the bad behaviors in others. It gives them pleasure doing that, and they keep the focus off of what they (the psychopath/narcissist) are doing. I truly believe this is what is happening. That is why we are seeing so much of this creating of crimes and things like this that serve no real purpose to protect anyone. It’s being created by these dangerous people we have working in our system, who have no regard for anyone but themselves, and we obviously have too many followers that just go along with it. We need more public awareness of this and more courageous people in the system who will stand up to these toxic individuals who are working in our system.


  2. There has only been one case of child abduction, assault and death on Halloween… It was here in Wisconsin in Fond du Lac in 1973. Currently they are trying to Civilly commit the man as he is supposed to be released from prison… he is in his 70s or 80s now.


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