I have been on this journey for a year and a half now with my son Jace. During this time, especially in the last six months, I have poured hundreds, quite possibly thousands, of hours into researching this whole racket I knew nothing of before hand. And the most mysterious piece of this all is the ICAC task force.

As a born and raised American, it’s amazing to me how much I DON’T know about our country. We think we are smart as adults, and get so caught up in our daily grind, that we often forget to learn, question, look around. Everyone I talk to has no clue what an ICAC task force is….to me it seems like a secret society living here among us.


A new fangled “Alluminati” if you will.

Instead of the Freemason type goals; to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. This new Alluminati reminds me more of the Spanish Inquisition.


The police in this task force were not interested in finding out the truth about my son. By holding up a picture of my son, and PROCLAIMING they were our saviors, they have fulfilled their mission, will receive their grant money from our tax dollars, and get promoted.

Unfortunately most people believe them.

Since I happen to know my son, I could not, and did not believe them. For me, there would be a sweet sadness if the accusations were true. I could justify the pain and ANGER I feel with the consequences to Jace actions. Since I know they are untrue – I started to try and unravel exactly what this ICAC task force is, and what rules they played by. What I found was a maze of illusions, secrets, and misinformation.

Here’s some of what I know:

There are 61 task forces with most states having one and a few states having multiple.

The task force is assigned to a certain states city, and that city can create agreements with other cities within their state to be a subset task force.

There is an ICAC Operational and Investigative Standards Manual. This was created by the DOJ to “guide ICAC operations”. It defines the task force and it’s duties on a high, hands off level. This guide is not a secret.

There are a number of different companies who create training programs geared toward the ICAC task force. Each company has their own books, all with potentially different names and content.

Each state is able to make their own training manuals – again with any name they like.

Requesting the training manuals is difficult for a number of reasons:

  1. as we just stated you will not know exactly which set of books, or the name of those books, your state uses – so requesting them by specific name is purposely made difficult.


  3. If you know the task force rules, you can prove they are ‘coloring outside the lines’. This is not illegal per se, but judges THINK the police and prosecutors are the “good guys”. Showing they are overreaching brings disfavor.

  4. The task force will claim disclosing the material will ‘put police lives in danger’. I have no idea how they come to that conclusion but here’s the thing, we can’t say it isn’t true because we can’t read the manual. Reminds me of Eschers drawings!


The training manuals do exist and can be released to your lawyer under NDA from the prosecutor.  In Washington State the manual we are requesting is called “ICAC Training and Technical Assistance Program Undercover Concepts and Techniques”. But, of course, this is the name of the manual provided us from the state. They are not actually TELLING us what manuals exist, other than this one.


My guess is even if we win Thursdays motion, and Jace attorney does get to see this manual, that this is not the manual we need.  Of course I do not know what manual says you can’t go fishing online in order to create criminals to fill your quota’s and jails. But hopefully the judge will hear what we are saying about police overreaching authority.

Wish us luck!

7 thoughts on “Elusive ICAC Manuals

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. We are going through the exact same thing over in Midland, TX. My son just turned 23 last month. He was was caught in one of these traps in February. You are right. The problem is that the police are believed and seen as the good guys in all this. The real truth is too harsh of a reality for many to accept, especially those working in the justice system. The real truth is that we unfortunately still live in a world (country) where police abuse is still very much a problem. I myself have always been a big supporter of law enforcement. This has been a very rude awakening for me. Police abuse is much more common than I had realized and/or than I had been willing to accept or acknowledge. I am ashamed of that. I am ashamed that I had failed to recognize that and had ignored the real truth because it was actually too harsh of a reality to accept. I can only imagine how much more harsh and difficult it must be for judges and unsuspecting prosecutors, who don’t have time to really look into everything to figure it out, to accept this. This would mean that they would have to accept the harsh reality of being responsible for convicting innocent people.

    I don’t know the details in your son’s case, but in my son’s case the police completely created “ probable cause” to serve their own selfish purpose. They even used a very evil officer who supposedly conducted a lie dtetecror test. This very evil officer did the most damage. He forced my son to make up stories about being inappropriate with minors, to force him to appear to be exactly what they needed him to be, to serve their selfish purpose. The prosecutor totally bought this BS, even though the video evidence of this interview clearly shows what this very evil psychopath officer did to my son. He specifically demanded 2 made up stories.. do, that’s what my son gave him. However, the evil psychopath turned even the made up story (about touching a shoulder) into what he wanted it to be (touched a breast) to make it what they wanted/needed it to be.
    The prosecutor obviously did not watch this entire video, if she even did at all. I’m assuming she did watch some of it because she has decided not to use this video as evidence for the trial, and she has even decided not to use this evil officer as a witness at all. So, she has to have some kind of idea, but the fact that she still wants to use one of these made up stories about my son being innapropriate with his 13 year old cousin shows that she is just either very clueless or just just as evil as these police officers are.

    We’re scheduled for trial on 10/8. It’s been moved several times since the first trial date that was set 07/30. So, I font know if this time it will really go or not. Our lawyer thinks it will not happen until November or December. Our lawyer wants us to spend another $9,000 to get an expert witness who will test my son and provide expert testimony that my son is not a sex predator. However, this would only be used in the punishment phase not in determining guilt or innocence. I don’t understand this at all, and I don’t know if it is worth paying that much money just to have an expert tell us what we already know. I think we have plenty of stuff already that show that he is not s predator of any kind. We’ve spent already over $10,000 on other assessments and treatments for other issues he has (pre-epilepsy, other neurological issues that affect his social skills/interactions, communication, verbal expression, etc). He did test in the mild range of Autism. However, he does not meet the full criteria for it. He only has signs of mild Autism because of the neurological issues he has. He also has gastrointestinal issues and brain toxicity possibly due to metabolic issues and/or nutritional deficiencies. He is currently doing neuro-therapy to resolve the pre-epilepsy and get his brain to where it should be because he has been developmentally affected by these issues. He’s also taking supplements to detox his body and brain from the toxicity. We’re also looking into social skills training to help him with that as well, since his health issues have also affected his social development.
    There is so much more to all of this. Unfortunately, the people in our justice system here only care about the number of convictions they need to feed their own egos. It’s all a game to them, and they are playing at the cost of other people’s lives. This evil needs to be exposed.


    1. Keep fighting, I’ve learned a so much through what my sibling is going through and how unclean these stings are. Too many innocent people go to prison or are registered for life due to this.


  2. Best of luck to you!! Keep their feet to the fire and your thumb on the pulse about this. NO innocent should have to go to such extent to prove how they were railroaded.


  3. Going through this in KY.mu son caught in a sting and he tried to stop the trafficking and got arrested and we can prove investigator committed perjury lied to state and federal judge violated state and federal statue but can’t be charged.. and so far over 30k son got convicted Nov 2019 sentencing Mar 2020


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