For those of you following this case – yesterday was a big day at court! In a word, we WON OUR MOTION to compel the documents.


The motion of Chief Civil Attorney for Vancouver, WA, Jonathon Young, to quash our request on grounds that the manual is irrelevant was DENIED by judge Gregory Gonzales.

In a compromise, the Judge will read this manual himself. I am fine with that. I think all judges who preside over these cases should read this book. Understand how much these officers try to pressure and steer the conversation. It was done with Jace, who said he wanted to get to know the woman first. Another mans son up in WA, a womans son in TX, I am finding the same pattern over and over. Very young (18 to 20), very immature, often with mental or emotional conditions, with zero desire in minors, heading to prison.


Mr. Young also mentioned his concern about keeping the documents “secret” (shhhhhh),  because SOMEONE has a blog, flyers, and is working with others on shedding light over these police actions.  Has even threatened a civil lawsuit! The nerve of someone expressing their constitutional rights when the police overreach!!  I found it particularly amusing (and frankly really immature) to question MY INTEGRITY. Sounds like an eight year old caught with their hand in the cookie jar – “But MA! Jimmy did it TOOOOOO”.




No Mr. Young, I have not, nor would I ever do anything ILLEGAL regarding the capture and prosecution of ACTUAL child predators. Having worked with police departments around the country for almost 20 years, I personally admire the very tough job they do.

It’s the police, attorneys, and prosecutors with blinders on, who stretch the rules BY THEIR OWN AUTHORITY to ruin the lives of innocent young men, that I am advocating against. The ones who create criminals instead of using our tax payer money appropriately to catch the real criminals in our society.


It’s easy to confuse and entrap young, vulnerable, immature men seeking sex on adults only websites.  MY contention is that these are done through police overreach instead of police looking further into the leads they already have. ICAC was made to combat trafficking and predators. My son and other young naive men captured, in prison, with their lives ruined serves NO ONE.

Even if there was ONE piece of corroborating evidence needed to put these young men away – EVEN ONE PIECE, I would not be on this soapbox.



The fact that police spend our tax money enticing and seducing these venerable, young, innocent men makes me sick.

I do not apologize for being an advocate for change, nor hide.

Perhaps you should check your own sense of ethics, Mr. Young.



2 thoughts on “We don’t need no Stinking WARRANT!

  1. So awesome that the Motion was dismissed! You’re correct – NO one should ever have to go through what you Son has been. Naturally, You as well.


  2. Congratulations, hopefully this is the version you need, and gets your son’s freedom back. My brother consulted with Florida’s top sex sting lawyer in Florida and came away stating the Attorney (Mr. Aiken) said he had a very good case and would take it to trial of hired. On a bigger scale i hope Jace case can blow the cover off and change the landscape in Washington. It’s crazy to think how shhhhh the cops are with this manual.Icac


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