Another heart felt prayer going up to all that is good and just in this world. Heading into court today. Worried for my son, worried I wont be able to control my emotions, worried the judge will not care about the wonderful man his words could ruin.

Pray with me to whatever good you believe in for Jace sake today.

Here are my words to the judge today…

“Before I start I need to say two things for the record.

  1. There have been a number of references in this case to a DUI offense. My son has never been arrested and I believe those references have marred my sons credibility in this court.
  2. My son was never presented any plea deals to consider, even though it is our understanding that some were offered.

My name is Kathleen Hambrick and I am Jace Hambricks biological mother.

You have heard from Dr Stanulis much of how Jace’s ADHD has affected his life. This mental condition has been a struggle for him, and for me. But I have raised a very intelligent, creative, and amazing young man. He has always been a good person – generous and kind to others – especially those in need.

His one weakness is impaired cognizant reasoning. It is my belief that his well documented ADHD led him into his current addiction to video gaming.

The ad placed on craigslist,  was as compelling to jace as meth would be to a drug addict. Reading an ad for a female gamer, and seeing a picture of a woman in her twenties was more than enough to induce jace to go and see for himself. In my opinion, as the one person who knows this man best, the fraudulent age of 13 was never believed and played no part in his seduction.

In one of Jace reference letters, that came too late to turn in with the others, a family friend who has known Jace for 17 years wrote “Jace always seemed more interested in video games than he was looking for a girlfriend.”

The World health organization now classifies gaming addiction as a mental health condition.

A symptom of this disorder is “impaired control” with increasing priority given to gaming and “escalation” despite “negative consequences”.

It’s not hard to see how ADHD and Jace gaming compulsions worked together in this unfortunate situation.

ADHD has damaged jace schooling, even though he ranks in the top percentiles on standardized testing.

ADHD has kept jace from his lifelong dream of military service.

And it has now landed him in jail.

Your honor, I beseech you to give this young man a chance at redemption. Please do not ruin his life at 22 with a prison sentence, and life long registration as a sex offender.

Thank you”

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