I was talking with a friend today and I mentioned Fiji – he said ‘they were cannibals you know’.

I started thinking about cannibals, things that eat their own, and illegal police proactive stings. Kinda all in the same wheelhouse in my mind. Let me explain.

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As a nation, the Unites States of America has  approximately 5% of the world population but OVER 20% OF THE WORLDS PRISONERS. That is an astounding number! Think about that ….

For every 100 people on this Earth, 5 of them are from the U.S.

For every 100 prisoners on this Earth, the U.S. has 23.


Pie chart showing the number of people locked up on a given day in the United States by facility type and the underlying offense using the newest data available in March 2017.

There are now almost as many prisoners from sex related offenses as from drugs. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, the police need to shift their targets from one group to another, to maintain their arrest numbers.

As explained in the article below, the war on drugs was the first catalyst in the U.S. prison ‘boon’.


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Now I am NOT saying rape is the same as smoking pot. Do not get me wrong. As a woman I have my story of sexual abuse just like every other female on this planet. I have no sympathy for someone who hurts and violates another. None.

What I am equating here are the people in jail who used pot for recreation, often minimally, and wound up persecuted – to young men enticed online to go meet an adult for sex, then imprisoned as a rapist.

Both ‘offenses’ have landed many people in jail yet, in both offenses there is NO VICTIM, the government task forces are federally funded, and the prosecution of both is directly tied to those federal funds. If you think states do not still have arrest quotas, watch this HULU original undercover documentary which won awards at the Sundance film festival: https://www.crimeandpunishmentdoc.com/

It emphasizes that whether ARREST OR PROSECUTION quotas are spoken mandates, or even illegal, it still happens WHENEVER MONEY IS TIED TO THESE ACTIONS.

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As a nation of freedom seekers – we are making a living out of enslaving our own. Until this madness stops, we are all foolish to say we live in the

‘Land of the Free’

2 thoughts on “Tastes like Chicken…..

  1. New Zealand too! I too see the correlation, we’re sacrificing our own people, someone’s children, only now it’s to meet quotas, fill jails so that funding is earned to employ these people in huge Government Operations. How many innocent people will be pulled in with the guilty so that these employees earn their “quotas” and can feed their families? Do they even care about the people they are locking up unjustly?

    Strangely we don’t know much about Cannibalism even after trying to look into it, it’s a taboo subject that has no real history, just bits and pieces. Similar to the ICAC Manual and how the law is allowed to handle Sex-Sting operations for Pedophiles, another taboo subject that people don’t talk about in polite circles. We have no knowledge of how they are allowed to handle these investigations, no way to defend ourselves against them. Dinner is served.


  2. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

    The laws and practices around sex offences were because of about 20 children that were sensationalized cases that produced namesake laws that now have almost a million on the SO registry, not to mention the millions in prisons and jails in the USA because of other just as foolishly created laws that would not have saved anyone even if they had been in place at the time of the crime.

    Crime has been used as a political and vote acquisition tool for politicians at all levels. Much of it started in Nixon’s era, but if you dig deeper you’ll find that this push and pull of systematically discarding our US constitution started as far back as the 1870’s and even further when you get to the subject of Castle Doctrine and what it really means, not the rhetoric of gun control opposers and advocates. Castle Doctrine goes back as far as when we were still British Colonies and is one of the reasons why we revolted to begin with.. Great Britain wasn’t honoring it here as they did back in the mother country. Illegal searches and seizures were commonplace and were abhorred by soon to be Americans.

    Those that fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Ask someone in their 20s or 30s who Lenin and Stalin are, you’ll be surprised at the answers. Then realize that if they don’t know who they are or their roles in our own history they will not have any idea of what I have described above about our own pre-revolution history.


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