Teachers on strike because Washington State has no money for raises?

Guess who gets $1 million a year from the lottery fund?

Illegal Police ICAC proactive stings circumvent laws and steal TEACHERS money, by manipulating a social bias of child abuse.

In 2015 this program, which is already FEDERALLY FUNDED by taxpayer monies, asked for some of your Washington State teachers money…. They get $1 million EVERY YEAR!

While $1,000,000.00 is just a drop in a bucket to something as big as an education system – I’m thinking you teachers might enjoy deciding how best to divvy up that money, right???


Anyone remember back in 2001 – Initiative Measure No. 728: “This act may be known and cited as the K-12 2000 student achievement act.”

 “The citizens of Washington state expect and deserve great public schools for our generation of school children and for those who will follow. A quality public education system is crucial for our state’s future economic success and prosperity, and for our children and their children to lead successful lives.

The purpose of this act is to improve public education and to achieve higher academic standards for all students through smaller class sizes and other improvements. A portion of the state’s surplus general fund revenues is dedicated to this purpose.

In 1993, Washington state made a major commitment to improved public education by passing the Washington education reform act.


“inflation-adjusted per-student state funding has declined since the legislature adopted the 1993 education reform act.”

“The erosion of state funding for K-12 education is directly at odds with the state’s “paramount duty to make ample provision for the education of all children….” Now is the time to invest some of our surplus state revenues in K-12 education and redirect state lottery funds to education, as was originally intended, so that we can fulfill the state’s paramount duty.”

Well THAT didn’t happen – but the police now take a piece of that pie!

Senate Bill 5215 was signed by the Governor of Washington in 2015 – 

“Up to $2 million of unclaimed lottery prize money must be deposited in the Washington
ICAC account each biennium.”

Image result for someone taking a big share of pie

An article in April 2018 from the Seattle station of NPR KUOW-FM also dispels the myth of the Lottery for Education, but amazingly doesn’t mention the large piece of pie the police internet crimes against children task force decided to help itself to…

Education Lottery money goes where?!?

And the winner is??


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