Jace and I are Geeks – always have been. As such we have a love affair with old world and medieval times, Roman and Greek mythology, Roman history and of course, the Latin language which prevails through them all and beyond. The only ‘dead’ language still spoken daily around the world.

While my favorite Latin words may have been “Antonio Bandaras” said with a slow, rolling, delicious accent, my new favorite Latin words are “Duces Tecum”.

In Latin this means ‘he will bring with him’, or something close to that.

Image result for DUCES TECUM subpoena

We have served a Subpeona Duces Tecum to the lead detective in Jace case, Detective Rob Givens.

What are we asking him to bring? Nothing but the mysterious, never before seen in the light of day ICAC TRAINING MANUAL! I have spent hundreds of hours in search of that book and only managed to find the one snippet that lead us to this juncture.

Wait! Is that even REAL? I don’t know…may just be another…

Image result for UNICORN MYTH

 This thursday my sons immediate fate will be decided. The judge will evaluate our citation showing that under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Detective Givens KNOWINGLY broke the law. And that he did so WITH THE SOLE INTENT TO DEFRAUD  Jace, and other Craigslist users, of their unalienable rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness  – by accessing a protected computer without authorization and thereby furthering his fraud in obtaining prosecution and federal funding based solely on this fraudulent act.


Dear Judge, Mr. Prosecutor, and Washington State….


Image result for someone waiting painfully

3 thoughts on “My Latin Lover

  1. The training manual does exist and can be released to your lawyer under NDA from the prosecutor (no need to suponea. There are four documents you want:
    1) 99 page Training binder ICAC Internet Crimes Against Children Training and Technical Assistance Program…
    2) 17 page Document: Internet Crimes Against Children Program Operational And Investigative Standards
    3) 37 slide presentation titled Missing and Exploited Children Task Force Making a Difference in Kids Lives
    4) 95 slide Power Point presentation (PDF) titled Operation Net Nanny A Collaborative Attack on Child Sex Trafficking

    good luck


  2. Samuel can as.in Jace case, can this be done in Florida? My brothers attorney told him it’s up to the judges discretion, and they usually say no, it’s a Public.Defender.
    My brother would love to contact you if possible, Prayers sent out to Jace as well.


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