Jace and I just made the trip to Mt Rushmore. I have always loved Lincoln. Tall, proud, forthright. He wasn’t a man easily swayed. He knew the truth of things, and tried to be a good person. I try to live by his ‘religion’:

And I think, for the most part, things are pretty obvious.

  • If I lie, bear false witness, I don’t feel good.
  • If I let someone treat me poorly, and not stand up for myself, I feel bad.
  • If I hurt someone by being disingenuous, I feel bad.
  • If my gains come at another’s expense, I feel bad.
  • If I choose to be lazy, instead of productive (minus self-care of course), I feel bad.

These are my philosophies on living a ‘clean’ life. I am not religious, but it doesn’t take God to tell you what we already know. Do unto others…

After years of oppression for myself, and Jace, I’m still caught with the same thoughts.

  • Why do LE twist the truth in these stings?
  • Why do they alter texts to make a fake agenda?
  • Why do they send pictures of adults to falsely lure men?
  • Why does it seem lawyers are willing to take your money but unwilling to fight for you?
  • How do these people sleep at night?

As we try to navigate the decision of an unjust plea deal, or another trial, I am left curious how the past leaders would see all this. Our nation having by far the most incarcerated people of the world?!? That alone is despicable. Then add into that the police racketeering of entrapment?

Not to save a child, but to make a buck?

5 thoughts on “Land of Lincoln

  1. I’m still trying to figure out why people think that if someone places an ad on an adult hook up website as an ADULT and only claims to be a minor AFTER they have lured a man with sex, why it even matters at that point how old they claim to be. 🙄
    So, they said they were 13. Yeah, and they also claimed to be an adult! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why are people ignoring that fact? So what that she said she was 13. She also said she was an adult and her behavior is clearly NOT the behavior of any real 13 year old girl.

    This is obviously just a fantasy about 13 year old girls created by the fully grown men who conducted this sting operation, and they were trying to force their own thoughts and fantasies about 13 year old girls on a 20 year old young man because they desperately wanted to make him think about 13 year old girls in the same way they were obviously doing. 🙄 How can anybody even defend that??! Their behavior is just so sick and twisted. There is no valid reason for why anybody should ever do that!

    Why do defense attorneys in these cases refuse to ask the common sense questions?
    “Mr. Police Officer, if you were looking for child predators, why did you post an ad as an ADULT on a website for adults instead of posing as a MINOR on a platform that minors use, and why not act like real minors act online instead of acting like adults act on adult content platforms?”

    “Do you think your behavior in this case is the behavior of real 13 year old girls?”
    “So, you think 13 year old girls want to find random adult male strangers on adult hook up platforms to talk to them about hooking up and having sex with them? Can’t say, he talked her into this. She was clearly the one guiding the conversation to sex and even demanding more of it.”
    “How many of these minors have you rescued from these adult hook up platforms you claim minors are doing this on?”

    Seriously, I really don’t get it! What the heck is wrong with these people?! Why are people still defending this very sick behavior from these pretend heroes? There is no excuse for what they did! That’s where the focus should be.


  2. I feel your and your son’s pain as I too have been a victim of this corrupt behavior. But there is hope! After a year of studing law, I believe I may have found the answers to stoppimg all this and setting things right for men like me and your son. Would love to talk to you directly in hopes you will join my fight in the Supreme Court.


  3. By the way, I went ahead and filed a complaint about the officer in charge of the sting operation my son was trapped in and his helpers. I think all other parents of young men who were only in their 20’s when they were trapped in one of these, especially if they were under 25, should do the same. I know very well it’s more likely they’ll do nothing than to do something about this, but I want it to be clear and on the record that this has been brought to their attention. These officers deserve to have these complaints on their record.

    Here is part of my complaint:

    “In February 2018, Special Agent Cody Allen along with other officers, Chris Davis and other unknown officers, conducted the Gauntlet sting operation where they were supposedly targeting online child predators. TX DPS LIED in the media, claimed that the men trapped were targeting minors online. Yes, we have proof of them doing this. What they did not tell the public or juries is that they had posted multiple ads (with the same phone number) on an adult website (Craigslist Casual Encounters, No Strings Attached) that adults used to find casual sex relationships. Cody Allen and his helpers were NOT targeting child predators. They were targeting vulnerable men who were clearly in an appropriate place seeking consenting adults, not seeking minors.

    Police did NOT pose as a minor to begin with. In fact, minors were NOT allowed to post ads on this website. So, they had to post ads as adults. They claimed to be adults at least twice. You have to click to agree that you are an adult. Then they posted their ads specifying they were a “Woman” seeking men. It was clear this was someone who was familiar with using this website/posting ads to find men. They specifically used “w4m”. Then they pretended to be a 13 year old girl who would have known to use that to catch the attention of men who were seeking women for a casual hookup. However, they very purposely hide this very important fact from the public and from juries.

    Needless to say, these officers clearly did not believe there were real minors using this website. Otherwise, they would have been finding and rescuing those minors from these adult content places. It’s clear they did NOT rescue any minors from this website during this sting operation. I don’t think they rescued any minors at all at any other time, from any of these adult content platforms. So, it’s clear that this sting operation was not at all about saving and protecting children from online predators. These police officers simply LIED to everybody about what they really did. They had no valid reason to do what they did.

    What they really did is very disturbing, and this is the part of this complaint I want to be very clear on the record. Cody Allen and Chris Davis were forcing their own sexual thoughts and fantasies about 13 year old girls on random men who were in adult places. There is no valid reason for anybody to ever do this. I find it incredibly disturbing that these fully grown men created a fantasy about 13 year old girls, sexualizing 13 year old girls, and forced that on my 22 year old son. They first posed as an adult woman who was seeking a man to hook up with. They only claimed to be a minor AFTER they used sex to lure and hook men.

    In my son’s case, they pretended to be “an almost 14 year old girl” who was just bored and curious about sex. She claimed she had never done this before. It was clear she was there looking for a man to have sex with. There is no question about that. They directed the conversation to sex, consistently re-directed the conversation to sex (when it wasn’t about that), and they even demanded more sexual talk. This is NOT the behavior of any 13 year old girl. This is just a sick fantasy created by sick men. There is nothing heroic about what they did. This is the work of sick grown men who used this to force their own fantasies about sex with minors on other men, desperately trying to get other men to think about minors in this way, the way they obviously were spending a lot of time doing. What kind of man even comes up with pretending to be a 13 year old girl who is desperate for sex and wants to find random adult male strangers on a sex website to demand sex from them? Does that sound to you like something a true hero would come up with? Sounds to me like sick men using this as their cover up to play out their own fantasies about minors. What else am I supposed to think? And yes, you can tell them I said that. I’d love to hear how they try to justify this.”

    That’s most of it but not all of it. I think all officers who have done this should have this on their record because I’m pretty sure they have displayed other disturbing behaviors and will continue to do more things like this. So, we need to at least start a record of their disturbing behavior. They can’t say later they just didn’t know these officers were like this. The main officer responsible for this is now a Texas Ranger, and he’s very likely still seen as a hero for what he did, even though he is the exact opposite of that. His words were lies, but his actions were not.


  4. I say it all the time… How and why did I let my life be decided by politics and money. My life was taken from me and now I just exist because someone else wanted a monetary gain. I look at people everywhere and think to myself that I will never have that kind of freedom ever again. I will be forever scrutinized, pushed down, called things I’m not and shunned by society now. I can’t change the past but I am willing to fight (as much as I can in my situation) this “business” called law enforcement! The truth has GOT to be exposed as well as those who choose to continue this lie. This is the only life I have and ill fight till I’m gone!


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