I used to be an avid traveler. Before Hell started. Before my life was upending and my smile took a vacation. Back when I was happy, carefree, oblivious. Back when I could, and did, make travel plans every year. Biannual family trips to explore the great American map. Camping, road trips, weekend getaways. Yearly trips to Europe or exotic locations as I explored the world.

Now I wait for this Hell to be over. My sister and I were laughing about it yesterday…that one way or another this will eventually end. The parole, the registry, the mood swings, the worry, being extra careful and aware, walking on eggshells, the trials, the retelling, the advocacy, the never ending expenses. One day this will all be over. Or I will die…and it will be over.

I never really understood the phrase ‘ The road to Hell is paved with good intentions’. Then I met ICAC.

I’ve recently found something I have been looking for…almost since this first happened. A theory, a law, a natural phenomenon, guiding principle… I found a few that came close…

I’ve been looking for a way to show how this could even be happening…how, and why, police could go from point A, through the fire and fly the spaceship to point B while convincing the Judge, public, and government that they are flying straight from point A to point B. In short the police are using Occam’s Razor, a principle of philosophy from the 1300’s, to convict our men and create felons out of law abiding citizens.

As we know the world isn’t flat. In science, math, philosophy, and society – the world is made up of bell curves.

Yes, I am showing you all my geekiness! These are the things that keep me up at night!

In any situation approximately two thirds of results will be similar and one third will be ‘outliers’. As we know, our boys and men did not go looking for, or intend to, harm children. Yet Accum’s razor will imply to the masses that they did.

In the mid 1900’s Dr. Hickam labelled a dictum thought to be the opposite of Accum’s razor which states:

In other words, while the simplistic answer may be the correct one – there is nothing to stop the other options from being true. In our cases the police did leave point A, travel through fire, to find and fly the spaceship into point B.

And I intend to prove it.

To be continued….

3 thoughts on “The Road to HELL

  1. It’s very interesting that these ICAC task forces first pretend like they are protecting everybody’s children with these sex sting operations. That’s the narrative they put out when these men are first arrested. “These men were preying on children online. They were stopped from raping children. We’re showing them we’re not letting them mess with our children.” Etc. They use that fear tactic, leading the public to believe that these men were actually preying on children on the social media websites and apps that real children use. They very purposely leave out the fact the sex stings are NOT conducted on regular social media websites and apps that real minors use, where real predators target and find real minors.
    If and only when it gets to the point that they can’t hide the fact that the stings are conducted on ADULT DATING platforms, where they push sex on men, then they change the narrative and start using the “sex trafficking” excuse. Well, it’s obvious nobody would go to an adult place to find minors to lure into sex trafficking. So, they mean minors are being sex trafficked on these adult dating platforms. Still nobody is doing anything to find these minors to rescue them. There is absolutely ZERO public education about how to spot minors who are being sex trafficked online, even though ICAC task forces have been provided millions of dollars to provide this education to everybody. And it makes ZERO sense that they pose as someone who is seeking a casual hook up relationship with sex, with men (in appropriate places where people go for that), and it involves no money at all.

    The three women from Texas who are suing Facebook for failure to protect them from being lured into sex trafficking on Facebook, should be suing Texas ICAC because that is who was supposed to protect them from this. ICAC task forces have been lying and pretending to be doing exactly that, but in reality they have allowed those real predators to continue doing that and have even protected them by distracting everybody with the sex sting scam they’ve been running for money. ICAC task forces should have been monitoring Facebook and those other apps for that, but instead they have been busy creating fake crimes by entrapping men on adult dating platforms, for the simple reason of making it look like they are doing their job. They spend their time creating the numbers they need to get the ICAC federal grant and keep that money coming. Their priority is clearly not to protect real minors and real victims.
    ICAC task forces should have been providing this education to Facebook all along and to all other websites and apps that children use. They have failed to do exactly what they receive the ICAC money for, and even worse, they have been lying to the public by pretending that they are doing those things.
    Victims that have been lured into sex trafficking on these websites and apps that real minors use should be suing ICAC task forces. ICAC task forces are the ones who are purposely failing to protect them, and simply lying, pretending to be providing that protection.
    Personally, I think Facebook should sue Texas ICAC as well, for this.


  2. I was just talking with my son recently, about how everyone is presumed guilty of a thought crime in these cases, based on circumstantial evidence, of a crime they didn’t commit. Everybody!!! “Now while we believe Jace to be innocent of planning to have sex with a minor”. I said, “since the police stopped him inside the door with a 24 yo woman…” and we both said at the same time, “we’ll never know”. He was never allowed to proceed toward committing a crime, nor leaving a crime, as no crime was there. Seriously, Thought Crime Police? What am I thinking now?


  3. 2021 – In the country of Freedom and Justice, there seems to exist a quite biased archaic impaired justice system that preys on a paranoid society while profiting from it. Not exactly the true meaning of Justice.


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