Hi All – thank you for your inquiries into Jace status. I have not posted this to the blog before now as we have no real information other than Oregon has approved his transfer.
We thought that would mean a speedy release, hopefully in time for thanksgiving.

The pessimist in me withheld telling everyone. Apparently for good reason.

The latest news is that WA state is getting Jace a NEW PO, one to oversee his transfer. He was previously assigned two PO’s in WA and does have his OR PO – nope, need another one.

After that completes (and the woman is trying to expedite that), his plan gets assigned to an investigator in order to file for a hearing for going back in front of the ISRB (indeterminate sentencing review board) where the transfer approval requires two of the boards signatures.

When that is complete, and I have been given no actual idea how long that might take (no one will commit to answering that question), then Jace release date will be set as his 35 day mandatory victim/law enforcement notifications are sent out. Yup, another 35 days from then.

If this all occurs this week…and I am not holding my breath, then I MAY get my son by Christmas.
For those of you questioning how this is even possible…. here is the statute wording on these cases….

Community Custody offenders without an approved plan or verified address specified may be held to their maximum Prison release date unless releasing to an In-State, Out of State, or Federal Detainer.

Jace maximum prison release date? LIFE.

3 thoughts on “Drowning in Red Tape

  1. Prayers for Jace and your family. 🙏🏼
    Don’t give up. They’re not going to get away with it. It’s all going to catch up.


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