The problem with bureaucracy is it’s size. You think you’ve managed to make a difference, but it just doesn’t change anything at all.

Ahoy! Bloody Kraken’s retreatin’ !! HURRAY!!!

As with most of our problems in life, we try to find ways of accepting, correcting, compromising, or doing without the thing that is causing us an issue. Everyone’s order of attack is different. For me, as with most people, accepting something we don’t want is our last option, and the most difficult – even if accepting is wise, it’s a bitch!

And acceptance is a trick – you think you can accept something if it’s a little less harsh, even when you know it’s actually unacceptable.

To date, among those I refer to as part of our ‘group’, we have three boys in prison.

One young man received ~ 10 years sentence, one young man received ~ 4 years, and Jace received 18 months.

My compromise was to see if Jace sentence was a trend – hoping against all odds that everything I had done would have a positive outcome for all. Foolish of me really – pride, confidence, desperation as I screamed into the face of the Behemoth that is stealing our young men. It mattered not.

As I said in my New Years blog :

I do not accept that this cannot be changed. I accept that we are fighting a court of laws. In order to make a difference in the name of our sons – we have to change the law. The police are not our friends, not interested in the truth, or protecting our children. The prosecutors only want to win, regardless. The judge wants to be reelected, that the perception of justice was served.

But we all know that these young men, just boys to us, have been targeted, preyed upon for their naivete, prosecuted and incarcerated, all of it is a farce. No children were ever at risk from these young men – it’s the young men themselves who were the hunted.

So I’m going back to school. Together we can figure this out – raise public awareness and change the laws regarding targeting our vulnerable youth for profit. Will you join me?

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