I’ve been telling you for many months about police overreach ensnaring young foolish (ok stupid) men looking for adult, consensual sex. Easier than shooting fish in a barrel!

But what happens when the police overreach with grown men? With rich grown men? With rich grown men who are not embarrassed by what they did?

Prostitution is one of those things that adults have different feelings about. It’s been around since, well, forever. Many people, especially men but women also, don’t see a problem with it. Women have what men want. It’s a commodity. Some women give sex to the men they love, and some women sell sex. Prostitution, while morally questionable, is not illegal on the federal level in this country. It IS illegal on most state levels but – well frankly – we all know it happens. A consenting adult, has sex with another consenting adult, and there is an exchange of money.

Wrong? Maybe, but men hiring prostitutes, or ‘escorts’ is often thought of as a rite of passage. Socially acceptable for men, and even women, in this country at different times in their life, or at different locations (whatever happens in Vegas….)

So when the police overreach targets a massage parlor…. where a lot of rich, mature men go for a regular ‘tug and pull’ and claim they are stopping sex trafficking….


The police may have overreached to the point of falling on their faces on this one.

These rich, mature, adult men are NOT ashamed – they are PISSED. They have filed suit against the police for making false statements in the press – just as the police have done with all the men arrested in illegal proactive police stings!

One thought on “Pick on someone your own size!

  1. I have a problem with prostitution, largely due to the fact that we live in a Patriarchal society where men make the rules, make the money, and keep women down. I don’t think this line of work is on any school girl’s “what do you want to be when you grow up” list, however, many when faced with challenges of getting ahead in a male dominated society do use their bodies, only to find out it’s far from the answer they were looking for. It’s true that historically the law has worked with organized sex while arresting your common streetwalker, many even are known to frequent local “brothels” for “quid pro quo”, It’s just another example of the police pretending that they are taking on the job of cleaning up society when in reality it’s just a distraction of what’s really going on, and it usually goes right to the top.


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