The irony is not lost on me – ICAC was created to defend children, the innocent among us. Yet they do so by persecuting innocent men. Yes, not all men caught in these stings are innocent, absolutely true! In the case of the Washington state ‘Net Nanny’ proactive stings there appears to be 1 in 10 who had some kind of interest in sex with a child.

Unfortunately, that means 9 of every 10 men arrested in these stings were INNOCENT of any intentional harm to a child. No children saved. Yet nine men’s lives destroyed, and the lives of their loved ones.

In our fight to bring awareness to this horrific situation, the purposeful incarceration of innocent men for both personal gain and task force funding, does not appear to be slowing down. Nor does the rate of persecution and incarceration. We just lost a man to the federal court system. An innocent man who fought the scam and lost. An innocent man who was just sentenced to 10 years incarceration. Our hearts and very souls reach out to this man and his loved ones in their moments, hours, days, years of pain.

As little comfort as our understanding and empathy are, that and our raised voices are all we have to give.

As I watch the deadly assault on the fate of a free Ukraine, I cannot help but feel the same pain. Schools, hospitals, public spaces, purposely bombed to defeat those who would resist a ‘greater force’? That of the Russian government in this case. That of the almighty dollar in our case. Do any of us really stand a chance? Are we really free men? A free society?

I lay at your feet the truth that none of us is free. That at every single moment in time we are always one phone call from our knees.

That freedom requires a cost. The Ukrainians know this. Now so do I, and all those affected by our American government’s purposeful entrapment, prosecution, and incarceration of innocent men. Speak out!

CAGE is a proud supporter of WACAN, who is holding a live event this Thursday in support of lesser sentences and second chances – please watch if you cannot physically be present-

Mark your calendars for this THURSDAY 3/31- The event will be streamed live from the WashingtonCAN Facebook Page

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