As I’ve said a few times now – the police are finally being looked at, questioned, and having to take some responsibility. Unfortunately that is on the shoulders, and necks, of many innocent people. And I want to mention here that saying someone is ‘innocent’ doesn’t mean the person is not guilty of anything. We, as adults, are all guilty of many things, some of them illegal, some of them immoral, some of them antisocial…

True ‘innocence’ is reserved for children. They do not always know right from wrong, and have therefore never chosen a path that our society has dictated as ‘wrong’. But as they grow, they do make mistakes. They become increasingly less innocent. That’s how children learn. In a very real way we are all on the spectrum between ‘innocent’ and ‘worldly’. We are all, as adults, somewhere in the gray area.

It’s amazing how many people still want to see things in black and white, on and off, good or bad, weak or strong,…. can’t we just stop all that?!?!?

We are ALL HUMAN. No one is all of one characteristic and none of the opposite. What is this need to categorize, label, judge? Is it that we are all so insecure that we need to put others down? Feel superior? Be ‘right’?

So this is the next witch hunt….right now it’s not minorities, gays, communists…right now the biggest news is ‘Bad cops’. They are suddenly everywhere. Suit after suit is being filed. Immunities are being rescinded. Laws are being changed. Motives and drive are being scrutinized…. Right now it’s a bad time to be a dirty cop.

But even though you dirty cops came after my son, stole him from me, stole the sons in our communities, our country. Shaking my belief in justice, in the United States, to the core. No, I’m not talking about good cops who may occasionally make a mistake (we love you Jason), I’m talking about the kind of guy above who put hundreds of innocent men in prison. Even though you didn’t care if you arrested innocent men, lied, destroyed evidence, perjured yourselves. I care. We care. I will do a happy dance when you fall. And I will not need to play dirty to see it happen.

Watch out for us. Chauvin will be found guilty, and that’s just the start.

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  1. Carlos Rodriguez new employer, the Qanon-ite Operation Underground Railroad, is being investigated for fraud in Utah. That scumbag may get his due sooner rather than later.

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      1. While I happen to know that was a mother venting….I also know that we have linked Operation Underground Railroad to directly funding these stings. They get media call out, bringing supporters and donations. They claim to be ‘saving children’ but its been shown by their charismatic boss Tim Ballard to be riddled with lies, half truths, chest thumping and donation requests. O.U.R. is directly linked to the #saveourchildren campaign which is linked to Q-Anon.


      2. I know you will Rich πŸ™‚ That’s something I love about you. We would be happy to show you our details if you cannot find the links – just let me know. Be well.


      3. Operation Underground Railroad have promoted outrageous conspiracy theories to secure donations, including the notion that children are sold in furniture boxes in the popular site Wayfair. They are not taken seriously by real anti-human trafficking organizations, yet they were funneling vast amounts of money into the Washington State Patrol Missing and Exploited Children task force in exchange for arrest-generating headlines, which WSP provided for them.


  2. HOLY COW KATHLEEN! This was incredible!!! You have a gift for writing and story telling. That was powerful!

    On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 7:14 PM The Lady Justice Myth wrote:

    > LadyJusticeMyth posted: ” As I’ve said a few times now – the police are > finally being looked at, questioned, and having to take some > responsibility. Unfortunately that is on the shoulders, and necks, of many > innocent people. And I want to mention here that saying someone is ‘inno” >


  3. I realize it’s very difficult for people to do so, but if you can watch any of the trial, you may be surprised at how it is going. When this ‘incident’ occurred, I too thought Chauvin would be found guilty. Now, I’m not so sure. His defense counsel has been able to show that Chauvin may have been following Minneapolis PD guidelines, which if true, would necessarily exculpate him in Floyd’s death. In addition, they will show that Floyd not only had consumed three times the amount of fentanyl that it would take to kill someone his size, but that he had also consumed meth, had a 90% blockage of arteries to his heart, and had suffered from Covid-19. If Chauvin is found ‘not guilty,’ will people on the Left be able to accept this? For those who are tempted, I am not excusing, nor am I downplaying police malfeasance. Wrongdoing must be punished, according to the Laws of the United States. I accept ‘holding everyone accountable equally’ and ‘due process’ as axioms.


    1. It’s true – there is likely to be a huge backlash if Chauvin is found innocent. It’s also true that Floyd was not in the best physical condition. I guess my issue here would be, is there really any viable reason to kneel on a cuffed, prone persons neck? If that is true, that it is in protocol to kneel on necks then you are right – the blame would go to the PD. I would imagine that would be easy to prove – unless it’s just in the culture and not spelled out – like in ‘a few good men’.


      1. That technique was taught by MInneapolis PD. In their manual, they were taught (it has since been changed) that if a suspect is resisting, they should immobilize them by putting them on the ground, and place a knee behind their neck, between their shoulder blades. It also states that the police should continue to immobilize the suspect if a crowd threatens the police. The prosecution has tried to show that the crowd was not threatening, but that was contradicted by the EMT’s, who did a ‘load and scoot.’

        Now, is a very conservative site, but their legal experts are top notch. Scroll down, and click on the links from Andrew Branca, if you’d like to get a different perspective on the trial. He has links where he summarizes each day’s proceedings. He eviscerates the prosecution for multiple egregious errors in presenting their case. This allowed the defense to frame aspects of the case most favorably to Chauvin. He also shows how poorly many of the prosecution witnesses did under cross examination. It’s quite eye opening!


      2. In the testimony from Lt. Mercil, he stated that he helped approve and develop the curriculum that was used in 2018, the year Chauvin took the in-service course on “Use of Force”. He said that when neck restraint is deemed necessary as other means are not enough and it escalated to that level, arms are to be used to apply force to the neck to gain control, it has never been taught, for as long as he’s known, to do this with the legs or any other body part. In any event the inner thigh would be used, for this purpose, such as in Martial Arts, not the knee.


  4. My recollection was that when Floyd kicked the other officer, Lt. Mercil agreed that he was a sufficient threat that they could use the ‘hobble’ device on him, but that the prone position was less of an escalation?


  5. One more thing I wanted to ask you, if Jace had specifically asked the woman if she was older than 17, would that have been an affirmative defense? Should that be emphasized to those who chat online?


    1. I am unsure if that would have made a difference or not. I think guys are so excited to get a response that they may just think “i’ll check it out when I get there, I can always leave if its a kid”. Since we are going back to trial we may find out the answer to your question!

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    2. You know I have thoughts on this Rich, If you are chatting someone up in person, and they say they are 18, and then they say they are really 13… okay… and you go home with them to have sex thinking they are much older than that based on your hours of conversation; and you get arrested, and the cops say, “well she said she’s 13…” but she’s 24… what’s the difference in that and in what happened to Jace? Other than Jace was online, and not in person. We don’t really know the ages of people that we meet, and yes I know that there are stings for this type of thing offline as well. I just don’t understand how he went to jail for a woman lying to him about her age. And how just because she said she was 13, while joking, in the middle of hours of conversation, he is guilty of attempted rape of a child. He wasn’t looking for a child. I don’t think that there is an affirmative defense, these cases are all twisted. Jace’s judge asked him how old he thought the woman was, Jace said that he believed that she was college age, but that he didn’t really know… The judge took out of that, that Jace didn’t know, not that Jace believed her to be over 18.


      1. Well, I was just wondering if anyone had tried that. Maybe a reverse sting? Obviously they are doing this because it brings them ‘positive’ publicity, and makes them money. If they start having to shell out money because of entrapment, I think you’ll see them change their tune!


  6. Nice Post Kathleen, I felt you were very Holden Caulfield there. All of this makes me wonder what The Catcher in the Rye author would think of this modern world that we live in and how children are losing their innocence so much faster these days. It’s obvious that the police have noticed it and are capitalizing on it, walking all over everyone’s rights, abusing laws as they see fit, and creating mock trials where the outcome is already decided. I’m glad that we are all working on taking on these Phonies and putting them in their place, somebody has to.


  7. Ok, so I have finally had a chance to look into the connection between OUR and QAnon. Searching in Google for ‘”tim ballard” +qanon’ produces two results. One from Melissa Gira Grant in the New Republic from August of last year explaining the connection, and one from OUR in September of last year, denying the connection. In Grant’s article, she reference the article in the New York Times about Pizzagate, and the wacko the went armed into Comet Ping Pong, under the impression they were trafficking in child sex. That story describes a number of conspiracy theories, but not once does it mention Tim Ballard or QAnon. But, that doesn’t stop the author from connecting them. Just because some alleged members of QAnon were spreading fake news, doesn’t imply there was a connection.

    Another supposed connection comes from Alex Kaplan of Media Matters. Anyone who knows anything about Media Matters knows that are a far-left propagandist outfit, masquerading themselves as media monitors. Their virulent hatred of President Trump caused them to link any number of conspiracy theories to the President, and by extension, anyone who may have supported him. This is a logical fallacy.

    Grant claims another connection, when QAnon followers pushed a conspiracy theory about the online furniture retailer Wayfair trafficking children from social media virality to national news story, Ballard took to Twitter. β€œWith or without Wayfair, child trafficking is real and happening!!!” When asked for further clarification, Ballard said β€œNo question about it, children are being sold that way … and I’m glad people are waking up to it.” In a comment in the page from OUR, OUR claims that the quote was taken out of context. It appears that it is a matter of opinion. Beyond that, I can add nothing.

    Grant’s then references another article of hers, further describing QAnon conspiracy theories. Self reference is a favorite trick of ‘journalism,’ but it is easily seen through.

    It’s ironic, but a better authority on QAnon and the damage being done to actual child sex trafficking comes linked to the OUR page in another comment. This reference is to a Huffington Post article, a left of center publication. This article does a better job of quoting Academics and private groups fighting child sex trafficking. It does however, fail to make the link to QAnon and Ballard. Neither does the article it links to at The best they can do is claim the shared use of identical hashtags, and political figures who support Ballard and OUR appearing on QAnon web channels. Among them, future Congressman Burgess Owens. Owens is listed on OUR’s site as an ‘Ambassador,’ and appeared on multiple QAnon forums.

    Beyond this, the shared hashtags were also used by political figures on the left. Including the staff of San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. It’s likely that these uses were totally coincidental. If this is the case, it’s possible that the use by alleged QAnon members was also coincidental.

    My research is not concluded, but so far there is a lot of smoke, but there is no evidence of a fire. I will post again when I can continue my research. I welcome all questions and comments.


    1. Hi Rich – I do hear what you are saying about coincidence but I don’t much believe in coincidence….try these… not coincidentally there was a lot out last fall, when carlos rodriguez left OUR, Wa state police publicly broke connections with OUR, Ballard went on the news to say the NYT is pro pedophiles because they wrote the story about Jace and Ezra. You may be correct that OUR isn’t coming right out and saying they support or are part of QAnon but my guess would be that it may hurt donations from Democrats if they did. QAnon believes Ballard is a hero. Ballard is directly involved in WA state proactive stings and OUR made money directly from donations pouring in when media stated OUR was working with LE in these stings. There is definitely a connection. How deep it goes I cannot say for sure.


      1. I understand and agree. That’s why I mentioned a reverse sting. This is about money. They are all making money. When they start losing money, this will stop.


      2. Interesting Idea….how do you think I could work that in order to be sure not to get it twisted? I have someone writing to me now who never intended to travel for a meet but kept saying he would. They still arrested him 😦


      3. You’d have to document the fact that you asked the person on the other end specifically if they are of age. Or, publicize that people have to make sure they ask from now on.


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