You know the jokes…they all start with ‘Why do…’ and they’re pretty funny, and completely true.

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But when it comes to people, hurting other people, because they can… well that’s a different matter. And it doesn’t make me laugh.

Bail was created, not to punish those arrested with fines they can never repay, or to imprison potentially innocent people, but to give the courts a chance to hold the most serious offenders with high bails, and to give incentive to lessor cases to show up when requested.

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Yet we’ve all heard the stories of grandma putting up the house on a second mortgage to get Joey out on bail.

If Joey is a previously convicted drug dealer, murderer, rapist….maybe a $500,000 bail makes sense. Maybe. That is $50,000 someone needs to come up with on a moments notice. Not many people have that laying around. For most of us, it is a years wage, or our entire life’s savings.

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So when I see bails set this high in Washington State, for police created, proactive stings – I gotta ask myself why?!?!

Because they can.

When Jace went in front of the judge for bail, I had a lawyer there arguing for him. 20 years old, no criminal record, not a troubled young man….others were getting 10,000 or 20,000 bond…. Jace got $50,000. Why? To keep people safe? Nahhhh – there was no executed crime in his case as we all know.

Because they can.

This weekend Jace will have been incarcerated for 6 weeks past his Early Release Date of September 22nd. Now for persons convicted of a sex offense, the amount of time off for good behavior is capped at 10% of your sentence. If you committed murder? You get up around 30% time off for good behavior. That’s for actually committing a crime, not police induced or created, to it’s completion. Why?

Because they can.

I have been trying really hard, for nigh unto 10 months now, to arrange Jace release and transfer to Oregon. Jace currently has a PO for Oregon who is to make the decision whether his submitted release plan will be acceptable. She’s had this a month. She left her card two days ago at the house asking me to call. I’ve called her repeatedly for two days. Holding my breath. Waiting for any sign, good – bad – at this point I just need to move forward. And still no call. Why?

Because they can.

As it stands now – the chances of Jace getting out with even 10% off for good behavior is slim to none. Because he acted out, was rude, fought? Nope. He has had zero infractions, in hell, for the last 18 months. The reason Jace will most likely not be out before his full release date?

Because they can.

On Monday I will be calling around even more to find out what the fastest way is to get someone out – most likely it will be to put him in a halfway house, where again he will be in danger from others, and zealot officers. Even though he has a loving, caring, fully supported and committed home and family.



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