As the Washington state illegal proactive stings continue to be prosecuted, we are starting to see the appeal courts chime in. Until now they have mostly affirmed the outrageous police created charges, prosecuted with the highest thinkable charges when the ‘predator’ has the audacity to go through trial in an attempt to prove their innocence.

The police are trained to a T to deceive men. Through enticement and innuendo, the police lead our men into playing an unknown game for their freedom. The police collect the ‘rewards’, our men collect a label, and the loss of life as they know it.

The prosecutor lies and twists the unethical police tactics into a conviction.

The judge ignores our innocent, decent men in favor of the ‘honest’ police, imagining their reelection campaign showing the number of predators they have saved the community from! Hip Hip Hurray!!!

But the appellate court…. the appellate court has little to gain, even something to lose, by allowing a bad conviction to stand.

This week, due to an appellate decision, an innocent man is walking free. Kenneth Chapman went to meet a woman for consensual sex. The woman texted him that she wanted to have sex with him. When Kenneth traveled to meet the woman, her ‘kids’ told him to come on in, ‘mom’ wasn’t feeling well. Since Ken was there for adult sex, and no adult would come out and meet him, he started to leave.

That’s when he was arrested for attempted rape of a child. Somehow he was convicted. Somehow he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. And SOMEHOW the appeals court didn’t buy the lie!

True to their role, the prosecutors refuse to accept the appellate decision. They have declared the intention of a retrial. But RIGHT NOW one less victim is behind bars.

Congratulations Kenneth – we are all so happy for your release!

3 thoughts on “The inability to say ‘We were wrong’

  1. That’s good news. Glad to see more people are seeing it for what it really is now.
    The real problem is that we have too many people working in the Justice system with very poor or no moral compasses (extremely self-centered), who assume everyone else is just like them. So, they judge everyone else they come accross as being just like them.
    Picking on vulnerable people for their own gain is a clear form of bullying. Society focuses and tries to work a lot on correcting the bullying behavior in children, but there is not enough focus on the bullying behavior of adults, which is where children are learning it from. Think about it, many of these people who are doing this (picking on vulnerable individuals for self gain) have children. If they’re doing it in their jobs, they’re doing it everywhere else too. This is the behavior they are modeling for children. They are teaching children that it’s ok to bully vulnerable individuals and do to them as much as you can get away with, as long as you just pretend to believe that there is something wrong with the individuals you choose to pick on. No need to acknowledge any logic or truth. In fact, logic and any obvious truths should just be ignored. Just keep pretending you believe they are bad. Then it’s ok to do as much as you want to them and against them.
    Perfect example: Lacy Holloman (prosecutor) in Midland, TX straight out lied to jurors. She told them she was not in the business of locking people up. Then she proceeded to use a great deal of manipulation, including dishonesty to try to do just that. She pretended to believe that someone was a real danger to others by stating that if put on probation he would not be monitored 24/7, like she really believed it was necessary. This person had been completely free with no restrictions or supervision for over a year, after the false accusation. She pushed the trial back like 10-12 times. Now, suddenly, she’s so worried about this individual harming others?? She was disappointed when she did not get what she wanted.
    This justice system is a joke. To her it’s just all a game, and winning is all she cares about. That’s the way it is for many prosecutors. It’s not about doing what is right for the right reasons, and they will never admit or accept that they are or could just be wrong. Ironically, they see that as something that would make them look bad at their jobs.
    Lacy was even more vicious and worked harder at winning because we stood up and spoke truths and logics. Instead of listening and wanting truths, like normal human beings do, she worked harder to get what she wanted, a win. She absolutely has no regard for people’s lives, and she certainly couldn’t care any less about protecting anyone. It’s all about herself: wanting to win to make herself feel good. That is what kind of people we have working in the system. This is why this problem exists. As long there continues to be no accountability put on individuals like this for what they do, innocent people will continue to be wrongfully convicted (wrongfully labeled) and unjustly locked up. The only thing that is going to fix this problem is to start holding individuals like Lacy Holloman accountable for their manipulation, dishonesty, and reckless disregard for logic and reality. These are people we are supposed to trust. Why is it ok to have individuals like this working for us and representing us? It’s absolutely disgusting!


  2. Wow, not only are you guilty by the media until proven innocent in court, in these proactive sex sting cases which only a small fraction of lucky (?) accused are able to afford; but then when found guilty, suffered outrageous indignities and hardships and finally won an appeal, the State won’t let it go? Unfuckingbeleivable.


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