Saturday evening I was driving my brand new, just off the line, RV trailer – through the blinding rain, swaying dangerously, living my white knuckled newest adventure. My youngest accompanied his worried mother north – and in an effort to calm and sooth her nerves and fears, he played a Ted Talk. This particular Ted Talk was about ‘Courage’.

The main story of the pod cast was about a woman who stumbled upon a truth. A truth that was dangerous, Unjust, Avoidable. She SAW it. And it scared her. So she spoke up. Not because she was brave, or courageous particularly. Just because she saw the truth, and KNEW that others couldn’t see it – even as it took their lives, and the lives of family and friends.


They CHOSE ‘Willful Blindness’.

What makes people choose willful blindness? I’m not sure. Trust in others, feelings of inadequacy,  complacency, ignorance?

In Libby Montana a woman named Gayla Benefield discovered that the local mine was causing lung cancer. Not just to the miners, but to the miners families, friends, communities, and even neighboring towns. Gayla discovered this and started telling everyone she knew. Guess what?

They didn’t believe her.


But she wouldn’t stop. She told everyone who would listen, over and over, what she had found, actual proof that the mine was dangerous and causing an 80% above national standards mortality rate! She so annoyed them that they actually created a bumper sticker that read

‘I am from Libby, Montana and I don’t have asbestosis’.

But they did. They all did. It took one woman screaming the truth to open the eyes of the whole nation to the dangers of asbestos.

There is a new news report out about the latest illegal proactive ICAC sting. This sting, just like the one that ensnared Jace, captured many young men. When reading the comments, at the end of the report, there was outcry to ‘castate them all’, ‘throw away the key’, congratulations and appreciation sent to the dedicated police who put their lives on the line to keep the citizens safe.

When I replied with the truth about these stings they said they didn’t care how the police caught the men. They actually said that – they don’t care what tactics were used.

How do you open the eyes of a nation who doesn’t care?


5 thoughts on “Willful Blindness

  1. Many people do care. Some just like to take out their anger (that comes from other things) on others just to make themselves feel better.
    The main thing people need to know is that teenagers don’t go onto adult sites posting ads, that clearly indicate they are looking to hook up and even have sex with adults, and then tell the people that respond to them their real age. It just doesn’t happen. That is the main reason why these vulnerable men keep falling into these traps. It’s so easy to not believe the person is a real teen, because his would be extremely rare if it were real. Even if they do believe it, there are many different reasons for why someone would still talk about having sex and even show up. I realize that some people don’t want to believe that someone on Craigslist would want to help an obviously promiscuous teen who is advertising herself for sex on Craigslist. Then confirms this is strictly what she is looking for when she consistently steers the conversation in that direction and only finally agrees to meet up after she hears what she wants, wanting to make sure there is going to be sexual contact. Then she keeps confirming that she wants sex only by refusing to want to hang out in a public place and continues to push for more sex talk.
    There are many young men out there who lack social confidence. They don’t approach females to date, etc, much less to have sex. They go onto social sites like this to meet people and find individuals who may be like them. They use these social sites to find someone else who is also putting themselves out there. They are looking for experience. There’s nothing wrong with a young man wanting to have sex and looking for a mutual agreement with someone. I know it may still be very difficult for some people to accept that it’s a very normal and common thing for young men to want to have sex and have that experience. These young men that go onto sites like Craigslist do it because they are not out manipulating, trying to convince, or forcing females to have sex with them, like so many other males do. Instead they look for individuals who put themselves out there that are clearly looking for the same thing. That’s the way they see it. They are not perverts, and they are certainly not monsters. They are vulnerable and naive, and some very selfish, self- serving police officers (as well as other idiots who work in our system) love to take advantage of this because it’s very easy to take advantage of these individuals, and the idiot police get what they want, money and they make themselves look like the heroes they are not (pretending to be catching real child predators).
    The real child predators are in places where there are children/minors. There is no such thing as child predators going onto adult sites looking for children or minors to take advantage of. The real predators targets children/minors in chat rooms and through social media. This is commonly known knowledge. The police just have a very difficult time catching the real predators. That is why they just go onto adult sites, target and take advantage of vulnerable men, then they label them as the child predators they need them to be, all just to make it look like they are doing their job. Then they suck up the praise for what they did, like leeches, and they expect and shamelessly take more tax payers’ money to continue their scam.
    The bottom line is that this is a huge lie to the public and a huge scam. I’m not saying that everybody that is caught in these fraudulent stings is innocent, but the fact is that they are catching too many innocent individuals. In fact, the majority are more than likely innocent. To not care about this is incredibly insensitive and irresponsible. Keep letting it go and see how it will grow into other things. As long as they keep getting away with doing things like this, they will continue to do it. Then they’ll want more, and they will start targeting more and more individuals, in different ways, etc. Unfortunately, some individuals will not start caring about it until it happens to them or hits close to home. If you keep supporting things like this, I am certain they are only going to get worse. In fact, the reason these fraudulent stings are still taking place is because it’s so easy to get support for them by playing with people’s emotions. It’s amazing what a few simple lies can do. They are the real predators. Predators love it when people believe their lies and they are able to control what people think. It’s all about pleasing themselves and getting what they want.
    It’s a very harsh reality. We do have some very evil people working in our system who truly do not give a damn about protecting anyone. They are only interested in making themselves look like the heroes they are not, and they are very interested in getting as much money as they can. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Remember, none of these individuals had to pass psychological testing to be put their positions. We are blindly trusting them just because somebody handed them a badge. Not all police are good or honest, same for other individuals working in our system. Psychological testing for their positions is not a requirement. It’s very easy for narcissists and psychopaths to get positions like this. You don’t really know who they are until you start paying attention to things they do. Don’t let their labels fool you!


  2. Labeling anyone a child predator who is not a child predator does not make anyone a hero. It makes them a coward.


  3. A lot of people are not that smart and are influenced by the media. The reports say predators and most are biased or written from the police report. Like Fox news vs CNN or Believers vs Non believers. Each has their slant. Some will think and see the lies/slant. Others won’t and just believe what they want. Remember, only about 30% of our population has a college degree. More education doesn’t make you smarter but it hopefully gets you to analyze and think about things a little deeper.


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