There were two prosecutors in Jace case.  Jeffrey Paul McCarty was the initial prosecutor. A tall, slender man with flaming red hair. My Attorney said he was ‘A good guy’. He stated to my attorney that Jace case was the most dependable of the current sex sting defendants.

When I ramped up the action with a draft of our civil suit delivered to the Vancouver DA’s office, and the subpoena for the ICAC training manual, another attorney came on as well.

Jonathon Young, Civil Division Chief Attorney at City of Vancouver

Both attorneys, McCarty and Young, have full immunity against whatever they said or did to help convict Jace of this ‘crime’. Yet additionally, either could have entered a statement saying that prosecuting Jace would not serve justice, thus releasing my son.

$$$ But then they wouldn’t get paid. $$$

In my guesstimate, each successful prosecution of a ‘sex offender’ nets the state of Washington $100,000 in funding. This is paid by both the federal government, which is you all’s taxes – you PAID Washington state to prosecute Jace! And by the state of Washington, who pays the ICAC task force with money originally slated for teachers!

So in Washington, and every state, there is an incentive to convict induced, entrapped, victims of this police overreach. The people prosecuting these victims have everything to gain and NOTHING TO LOSE! They cannot be held responsible for their actions in the courtroom. They are allowed to lie, twist, harass, and create ‘evidence’ as they wish.




While the police, and prosecutors, go on the record and report to the communities that Jace, and those caught in these stings, sole purpose for being on the internet was to have sex with a child. They dramatize and sensationalize these events to twist the public opinion.

My youngest son had me read a report of his yesterday about how big business controls the public impression:

“When I asked my roommate about what he knew about the McDonald’s hot coffee case he said, “I thought she was just a stupid woman, who was driving and spilled hot coffee on herself.” After hearing this I told him that he fell for the U.S Chamber of Commerce Goal: they asked the media to hyperbolize the story and created absurd memes—Most of the public fell for this narrative. I showed him the clip from the documentary Hot Coffee and he changed his view— he was shocked by the woman’s injuries and felt amazed that he had fallen for the false story line the U.S Chamber of Commerce had spread.”

Those of you who do not believe these proactive ICAC stings are not big business have not been listening. The stings are a billion dollar fiasco that trickles into the nations MULTI BILLION dollar prison business!

I was sent this very good video by FAC today that holds some good news – people around the country are starting to listen. Help spread the word to end the US absurd interest in all things ‘pedophile’


Click this link to watch:

California educational video


10 thoughts on “Immunity

  1. It’s definitely a business. In Texas, we have private prisons that are paid for, regardless of whether they are full or not. So, there is incentive to fill them up, and keep them full. Putting people on probation also brings in a lot of money into the sysyem. So, there is big incentive to get as many people as they can into the system, and we do have a lot. The cover up, of course, is “Texas is tough on crime.” The reality is: We have a lot of idiots who are power hungry and money hungry working in our system.
    What we need is true serving leaders who will fix these incredibly screwed up systems we are having to deal with. There are not enough of those, and there are too many people who are just turning a blind eye to this corruption. Bringing in true serving leaders will filter out idiots who have no business working in our justice systems. True serving leaders will build up the people who do belong, for them to consistently be able to make the right and best decisions for everyone, truly serving the public, like it should be, instead of always looking to just serve themselves, like many working in our system do now. That’s where the “just doing my job” statement comes from. It means they don’t give a damn. They’re just doing what they think they need to do, to get by. They use this as their excuse to ignore reality. We need people who do give a damn. Not self serving idiots with that attitude and mentality.

    Some people may truly believe that Jace is guilty. What those people are choosing to ignore is the fact that the whole purpose for this is to keep others safe from him. This is clearly not what has happened here. The fact that he is a young man (with a still developing brain) that ignored that this person was telling him she was a minor and focused instead on what they were both there for is not unbelievable at all. What is unbelievable is that anybody can truly doubt that anyone (even a fully grown adult with a fully developed brain) would not doubt that there would be a real 13 year old looking for sex on Craigslist, and on top of that, telling her real age! I find it incredibly unbelievable that most people would just automatically believe that this was real, a 13 year old looking for sex on Craigslist and telling her real age., looking for sex just for fun (not looking to be paid or anything like that). Because this just happens all the tine, right?? Everyone knows damn well that most people would definitey doubt this was real. However, because Jace was on Craigslist, it means he had to have believed this was a real 13 year old looking for sex on Craigslist. Really??? If anything, wouldn’t someone who had been on Craigslist before be very familiar with something like this? Obviously he was not. It’s not a common thing for a 13 year old to go onto an adult site looking for sex, and if it were real, it is very highly unlikely that she would be telling her real age. It is incredibly stupid to claim to believe that anyone on Craigslist would totally believe this was a real 13 year old, but when your focus is on money and looking like “you are doing your job” then I guess it doesn’t matter to have that much lack of common sense and not serve the real purpose, because at that point it’s only money an looking like they are doing their jobs that matters.


  2. Dr. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man, and one of the reasons I am a conservative libertarian.


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