For those of you who don’t know – tomorrow is Jace sentencing. It’s been a long time coming, and a day I had hoped would never arrive.


Jace just called me on his daily 3 hour ‘recreation’. I told him about the case last week where a young man in similar circumstances received time served and probation. This is our hope for Jace as well. My friend Dan had sent me the link:

Interesting to note that in New York they say the defendent was looking at 4 years. No clue how Washington state sees 10 years (a recent sentence in a similar case of a young man) as a ‘just’ punishment. It’s outrageous.

So I am here, having just spoken to my son, his words and thoughts still lingering in my head, trying to write my final version of what I will say to the judge. they tell me it doesn’t really matter what I say. It does to me.

Here goes:

“Before I start I need to say two things for the record:

There have been a number of references in Jace case to a DUI and drinking problem. These are 100% fabricated.

My son was never presented with any plea deals to consider, even though I understand there were some offered.

My name is Kathleen Hambrick and I am Jace mother.

Everybody who knows Jace, also knows he is addicted to video games. He would role plays as military, a wizard, or law enforcement daily.

For a 20 year old, with ADHD and a gaming addiction, the ‘gamer girl’ ad placed by police had a dis proportionally strong pull to Jace.


ADHD has affected my sons schooling, and kept him from fulfilling his life long dream of military service.

Now, my son, just 20 at the time of the offense, with no previous criminal record, is supposed to go to prison?


My son is a good person, intelligent with a sharp wit, and an altruistic nature. He is determined to finish his degree in game design. Additionally, I am nearly 60 years old and single, I rely on my son to help me maintain our home.


Last week, in Albany New York, a 24 year old was sentenced in a similar proactive police sting case. Judge Peter Lynch said he grasped that a 24 year old man, with the full support of his family, was found guilty in a victim less crime, but that a ‘just’ sentence was probation, and the months the defendant had already served in jail.

I’m begging you to see that my son is young and was foolish, that he has the full support of his family who needs him at home, and that this one mistake should not forever negatively alter our lives. Please do not ruin my sons life with lifelong registration and prison.

Thank you”

Around Christmas 2008 067

10 thoughts on “The eleventh hour

  1. I wish you and your son the best. A lifetime on the sex offender registry or prison is not what he or anyone deserves for something like this. Countless others have had their lives changed forever and their families are collaterol damage
    when given such harsh sentences that do not fit the crime.


  2. You can also point out the fact that your son is not a predator, like they would like for him to be. They will forever be wrong about that and about the fact that they have protected absolutely no one in doing this to him.

    Lots of prayers for you guys 💜


  3. Wishing you goid luck and lots of prayers that your wishes cone true and that the judge will see and agree with your common sense thoughts and will save Jace.
    God bless you abd your family 🙏🏻


  4. Prayerful that the Judge sees this as did the Judge in NY about the referenced case. You’re not alone nor is Jace…never forget that!


  5. Prayers for Jace and you, and I am hopeful that in a victimless supposed crime, your judge is lenient and allows for a Downward Departure and just probation. We all back you on this.


  6. miss hambrick… i.m a NYT crossword puzzle nut… and i usually read the articles in the sunday magazines… i just got done reading the article about officer rodriguez and operation nanny… and your son’s trial… prison time… and now i’d like to say that i hope you can get it overturned on appeal… it seems to me that officer rodriguez and the WA state gov’t has run amok… i saw the lady officer’s picture that was posted and she definitely didn’t look 13… i was approached once on craigslist by someone i contacted and got off the computer immediately after whoever it was claimed that they were an under age girl… it’s a shame your son didn’t do the same… live and learn… GOOD LUCK IN YOUR / HIS APPEAL ! give ’em hell ! … it’s entrapment any way you look at it…


  7. Dear Ms Hambrich

    It certainly seems that the arrest and prosecution of your son, was a miscarriage of justice. I do not believe he was looking to commit a crime or is a danger to the community. I believe that the idea to commit a crime originated with the police. All of the persons involved, the policemen and the decoy officer were adults.

    This is what happens when police are intent on making an arrest, and act like soulless bureaucrats who have no discretion.

    The persecution of your son shocks the conscience.
    Please take care.
    Best Regards


  8. Dear Kathleen
    I was arrested in an almost identical “sting” in rural Michigan, and just was Freed after 5 years in prison. I would like to help your cause in any way I can. Feel free to contact me at the email list I typed in below. I watched the video of you interviewed by some Wisconsin radio guy, and you were absolutely composed, articulate and challenging in a good way. I am working with two Social Justice Projects at University of Michigan: PCAP/Prison Creative Arts Project, and “The Carceral State Project.” The Carceral State Projects focuses on 1) Conditions of Confinement in jails and prisons 2) Issues of “Criminalization” and 3) Issues of “Felonization.” What happened to your son Jayce, to me, and to thousands of others is completely outrageous, immoral AND illegal. None of us knew the full extent of our rights nor had access to resources such as LadyJusticMyth or Women Against the Registry, till now.
    I pray for your continued strength, courage and perseverance. I would be happy to join the cause and fight the good fight so that we can put an end to this madness.
    Kel Keller


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