For Halloween my sister and I went to see a dramatization of the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’. A cult classic with very willing sexual partners. Even those that pretend to be virtuous, in this movie, succumb to the physical, and emotional, pull of sexual seduction.


Over the past few weeks I have been reading cases that contain the elements of mother / children, and solicitation. What I am discovering is there is not much difference between these and the straight bait and switch consenting adult version that Jace was entrapped in.

Don’t misunderstand me, some of these men ARE looking for children and are very excited by that possibility. But some are actually interested in the mom alone. Some want to try and help the under aged person, truly, and some don’t understand the real problem of prostitution. But the thing that all of these cases have in common is they have a WILLING VICTIM.


In the mom case, where she brings in the children but the guy is only interested in her, they twist the story till ‘he was looking for a child’.

In the high school teen selling herself, it’s twisted to not be about prostitution – it’s twisted again to pedophilia.

In the case with Jace, and others in the bait and switch, even when they KNOW it’s an adult, the police get just enough play talk to say ‘they were looking for a child!’

BUT! An important legal piece here is WILLING.

In WA state the following reasons can substantiate a less than minimum sentence:

Sentencing Situations

In EVERY one of the ILLEGAL PROACTIVE ICAC POLICE STINGS the fifth reason on this list applies, The police are the initiator, are MORE THAN WILLING to help you commit this ‘crime’, are the aggressor AND the provoker.

By this thinking no one found ‘guilty’ should get the mandatory minimum sentence.

In Jace case, and many of the people I have spoke to, these other reasons also apply;

  • Exceptional sentence is more appropriate in the name of justice

  • Capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness was significantly impared

  • The defendants mental condition

  • Defendant is addressing psychological problem

  • Nature of the offense

  • No prior convictions

  • Defendants age

  • With no apparant predisposition, was induced by others

  • Crime committed under duress, coercion, threat, or compulsion

A case decided on October 25th of this year used the ‘willing victim’ argument and won an almost half reduction in their sentence. From 76.5 months to 40 months. Much to the dismay of the prosecutor and police. It is a small victory but in my eyes a victory just the same.


Additionally, they received recommendation for the washington state work ethic program. Each day worked in this program counts as 3 days of regular incarceration! So it really is an avenue of ‘off for good behavior’. Since Jace will be up for sentencing on the 19th I will be having my attorney request this type of sentence.

Still not ‘justice’, but also something a young man could recover from.



One thought on “Let me make you a man

  1. Continued prayers for Jace and you. He certainly does not deserve, this, nor is it right at all to label him as a predator who is a risk to minors or children. This is very wrong, a huge, shameless lie to the public, and merely a created illusion of protection of children, by extremely self-absorbed people who work in our system. They really don’t give a damn about protecting anyone, and they are only trying to make themselves look like the heroes they are not (by creating crimes, for the sole purpose of creating an illusion of “doing their jobs” and pretending to be protecting others, just to feed their own sock egos and trying to make themselves look good.)
    I truly believe that truth always catches up to everybody. You can’t ever escape truth. The people doing these things to others will eventually have to face the consequences for what they have done. You can only pretend for so long before everybody starts catching on to who you really are and what your true intentions are.
    I just pray that these innocent people they are doing these things to just don’t give up and become what these self absorbed, careless people want them to be, or even worse, give up on fighting for themselves and living.


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