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A racket is a planned or organized criminal act, usually in which the criminal act is a form of business or a way to earn illegal or extorted money regularly or briefly but repeatedly. A racket is often a repeated or continuous criminal operation.

It’s an old world word, racketeering, back in the days of the MOB

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One classic example of racketeering is the protection racket…you pay me, and I wont bust up the joint…err, I mean I wont let anyone else bust up the joint!

There are white collar racketeering crimes… identity theft, credit card fraud, copyright infringements, insider trading and money laundering to name a few.

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Then there are ‘legalized’ rackets – like family courts, higher education, casinos, and many would say “TAXES”

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And also wartime racketeering…

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“Even more outrageous and unconscionable than KBR’s war racketeering has been the manner in which they have failed to properly support and care for the brave men and women serving in our military, …..documented here:”  KBR article

So in 1970 the government created the RICO Act:

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So if an organization knowingly does something illegal, dealing with the obstruction of justice, which causes them to financially prosper…. they can be found guilty under the RICO Act.

Like say, police ignoring a mandate of the Attorney General, in order to ensnare more ‘criminals’. Then using those numbers, knowing they were created illegally, to file for grants to fund the police themselves. Then repeating the process, thus effectively creating an illegal conspiracy.

NO! Not all cops are bad. But having met some dishonest ones now, my faith is shaken!


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One thought on “What a Racket!

  1. Those HONEST cops that do nothing about the bad apples in their profession, they are no better than the bad apples. They are apathetic to the wrongdoing making them as culpable for the damage their peers cause, no matter if they agree with it or not.

    Do not let them off so easy, there isn’t a single police officer that is your friend, they are not there to find the truth, they are there to close cases by any means necessary.

    WATCH this video…

    Send this video to all of your friends and family and even people you don’t know…


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