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One definition of ‘honorable’ it ‘entitled to honor or respect’. But what makes someone ‘entitled’?

Entitled can be defined as ‘believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment’. To be sure, most judges have put in a large amount of time and effort to get where they are, and in that sense they deserve some privilege and special treatment. Unfortunately, there are a number of by products to entitlement.

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Once someone is ‘entitled’ to respect, they no longer need to EARN respect.  And entitlement brings with it some level of empowerment. That is to say, the entitled have the power to wield their will.  And we’ve all seen what happens then the entitled wield their power unjustly!

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But it’s not only police and judges that feel entitled and empowered.

We see this in Gangs, Bigots, Bullies, Racists, Sexists, Religion, Refugees…

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It’s in our schools and our workplace….

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We even do this within our own families!

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So, what does it mean to be honorable in today’s society?

Just like all the topics shown above, each persons sense of honor is unique. We have to decide for ourselves what we feel is ‘just’ and ‘fair’. And we often assume that others would obviously agree with us. But too often people do not take the time to even look at the flipside.

Here is an article written by a bankruptcy judge, who took the time to visit a criminal court for a day….

For me, I like to follow Abe Lincoln’s advise:

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On Tuesday morning we will see what honor means to Judge Gregory Gonzales. We already know that Vancouver police detective Robert Givens perjured himself in an effort for fame and ‘justice’.  Now we will see if the Judge was part of this conspiracy, or if he too believed ICAC’s integrity was genuine.

I fervently hope that Judge Gregory Gonzales is aptly referenced as “Your Honor”.


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