Yesterday I sent out 2000 requests to follow my blog. I need to garner support in order to get someone of note involved.

I previously wrote and discussed my case with a member of the Oregon State Senate, Peter Courtney. I was able to get a commitment from his staff that an informal discussion will be raised when legislature is back in session this fall. THAT IS A WIN!

I also wrote Teresa Alonzo Leon, another of my state representatives. I received an immediate response. When I mentioned the details I heard crickets….. Apparently those accused of sex crimes do not deserve justice.

And I know this could not come at a worse time. The #METOO movement has raised concern and awareness of a sex crime victims lack of justice, and public support. But isn’t that EXACTLY what is happening to people like my son now? Say ‘sex crime’ and instantly peoples minds are made up. Logic, reasonable doubt, entrapment, overreaching government, injustice – all the things that used to prejudice assault victims have now been applied to the prosecution of those people who are being charged with these atrocities.

But does that make it just? If these issues were unjust applied to assault victims, are they not equally unjust applied to persons arrested in these cases? Shouldn’t there be support, a desire and search for truth, actual proof, intent, and reasonable doubt applied to those accused? As well as to the victims?

I have written the ACLU. I am hoping they will at least look at the situation of these proactive police stings creating criminals out of law abiding citizens. Doesn’t that seem like something the ACLU should be concerned about?

If you would like to help me – please send a note to Eric Nygren at and ask him to look into proactive police stings such as the one that ensnared Jace Hambrick.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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