There is an excellent piece of investigative reporting from our friend Lynn Packer of American Crime Journal – please read!

Lynn has been hot on the trail of corruption coming out of O,U,R, for years. We are VERY pleased to announce that our group had A LOT to do with their current woes…

Mike Winerip and the New York Times article – which was written with all three of the core families in CAGE (Citizens Against Government Entrapment) – shone a spotlight on O.U.R.s involvement in these police stings. Basically a private corporation funding police to illegally trap innocent citizens for cash incentives.

In the case of the police, those incentives come in the form of federal grants per arrest and per conviction for sex crimes – whether real or trumped up in the minds of police. And O.U.R.s monetary incentives are the MILLIONS of dollars in donations from well meaning citizens hoping to stop human trafficking.

These donors, as well as the general public whose tax dollars are also used, are not told the truth about the tactics used by police. Would they be as gung ho if they knew?

As we found out with both the article and the Dr. Phil show – there are many who do not care about the truth of these stings. They are only interested in punishing SOMEBODY for crimes against children. It really doesn’t matter to them if the person persecuted intended to, or actually did, anything to a child.

On Jace retrial front – we have an attorney appointed by the court. Not yet sure if he’s worth our time – we are meeting with him next monday. Much more to come on that unfortunately.

In the meantime – all worry and stress aside as best we all can – Please have a Merry Christmas and know that you are all loved and supported.

2 thoughts on “Chiseling Away at the Herd

  1. It’s only a matter of time before all truth comes out. These people didn’t think they’d ever get uncovered.

    There are always brave souls who will stand up and speak out. Unfortunately, it takes time (sometimes a very long time) before people start paying more attention and begin to see and accept the real truth, in situations like this (where they have been fooled by sociopaths/psychopaths). Yes, that is what I am calling Tim Ballard. Apparently, he is the one behind this illusion. He’s the one who figured out a way to fool people for money and to steal undeserved admiration. That’s what narcissists do, but he’s more than than, because he views other people’s lives as disposable. It’s all about pleasing himself. That is what a psychopath is.

    The real predators in these stings have been the police, and it looks like this cult (O.U.R.) is responsible for their training on how to prey on vulnerable individuals on adult sites, to use them to play the role of child predators, for no one else’s benefit but their own. Ok, there are others that benefit from this as well. Prosecutors also get to use this, to look like heroes who are putting away child predators. Judges get to look like heroes too, for being “tough on crime” and putting away “dangerous people.” Defense lawyers, expert witnesses, and other experts make lots of money from cases like this. These cases also bring in lots of money into the system. It’s job security for those who work in jails, prisons, probation, parole, sex offender classes, etc. The list goes on and on.
    That’s the problem. There are too many people working in the system who are benefitting from fake/made up crimes. Unfortunately, too many of them have an ego complex. They would rather pretend to be heroes than to to stand up and do the right things for the right reasons. There very clearly is a great lack of ethics, morals, and courage from many people working in our system. It’s a very sad, very discouraging, very harsh reality.


  2. I watched the podcast about OUR being under criminal investigation by the attorney generals office in Utah. Carlos Rodriguez seems to NOT remember the emails between OUR board members and himself.
    It appears the rats are trying to jump ship.


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