I wanted to share with you all Dr. Stanultis report on Jace emotional state. Aracely and Dan, I think these would be good for you to have on your children for your cases as well. I am attaching Jace trial motion. The report is under Exhibit C:



Anyone beside me notice that this ’13 year old’ looks remarkably confident for her age? That she has perfect makeup and shaped eyebrows? The thing that struck me when I saw it, was the creases in her forehead.  I’ve heard other people mention that the ‘minor’ in the picture they were sent had other obvious adult markings, like tattoos, and WEDDING BANDS!

While I am sharing, I will go ahead and post Jace entire conversation with the detective. As you read this please keep in mind that my son is an avid gamer, responding to another ‘gamer’, having seen the picture of the 24 year old woman (above) and firmly believing he is talking with an adult. He never says he is looking for a child, wants a child, is ok with sex with a minor – to this day Jace says he believed this was an adult, on an adult website, playing the common daddy dom/ little girl roleplay, looking for a hookup. Daddy dom/ little girl is not my sons turn on, as you will read in their texts. He assumed it was hers.

My son would be likely to answer an ad for a ‘furrie’, not a minor! Of course, then, they would probably arrest him for animal abuse, since it’s really NOT about protecting the children and really IS about making money for the state.



Jace moves monday up to Shelton, WA to be processed in the Washington Corrections Center.  Our journey continues.




5 thoughts on “The Doctor is in the house

  1. The creases on her forehead are the first thing that stood out to me too, and her well groomed eyebrows, and the fact that she is just hanging out at home playing video games and wearing make up. ????
    I didn’t start grooming my eyebrows til I was almost 30. At 13 I was not yet wearing make up, especially not just to sit around at home playing games or to watch TV. At 25 and 26 many older people still assumed that I was just a teenager. I was still being carded even at the movie theater. It’s actually a very common thing. Many people in their 20’s look younger and many teens look older. Many people really just can’t tell. So, it’s normal to just go by other clues to try to figure out someone’s actual age. Most people would not assume that 13 year olds go onto adult sites looking to have sex with adults, and I think any adult would have doubted that someone talking like that and doing things like that could be an actual 13 year old. If anything, if there are any real teenagers that do things like this, they are not going to be truthful about their real age. We’ve all heard those stories. Teenagers will lie about their age and make themselves older if they are interested in older guys. Has anyone ever heard of a 13 year old going onto adult sites looking for sex with adults and telling their real age????

    What does “we can chat as long as I am not living” mean?
    It seems to me that it was clear to Jace that this person was looking for sex. Why would a 13 year old be looking for sex with adults on Craigslist? Because she likes college guys? Really? Craigslist is where to find college guys? Teenagers really go onto Craigslist to hook up and request sex from college guys?? Wouldn’t someone like Jace know if this was a real thing? (Teenagers looking for sex on adult sites)
    It’s obvious he didn’t take her seriously about her age. He even makes smart-alec comments calling her a minor and telling her not to call police during the obvious adult conversation she continues to have with him.

    I think it’s ridiculous to pretend to be a 13 year old looking for sex on an adult site and then claim to not believe that someone would just not believe that this could actually be a real teenager being truthful about her age. Really?? Because it happens all the time???!!

    Someone please provide us with these statistics.
    Do an anynymous teenage survey. Ask 13 year olds how many of them have, have thought of, or would ever post an ad on an adult site to have sex with adults. How many of them would tell people they communicate with on those adult sites their real age?
    Where are those statistics. Where is the justification for what they are doing?? Because so far it just all seems to adds up to ignorance and stupidity. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  2. Thank you for posting this information. It will be very helpful to others–much appreciated. There are always people who will be skeptical. I like the part of the text where the detective say FTP. In our conversation the detective brought up the “cops” first. So crazy. Over 100 people in WA have gone to jail/prison for these conversations some worse, some likely less. Crazy. Most are serving 5+ years. Congrats on exceptional sentence.


  3. Here is proof that there is so much information out there about real predators and how to catch them. There is absolutely no reason for law enforcement to be so clueless about catching real predators and conducting these sting operations on adult sites, other than for very selfish reasons, to make themselves look like the heroes they are not.

    Here are various websites I found (out of many that can be found online), about facts and basic information about online predators and child abuse. There is absolutely no reason why law enforcement and everybody else who works in our justice system cannot be well educated and trained in catching the actual predators who need to be caught instead of creating predators and claiming to be catching these predators that they are not catching.

    Please read about the real problem. This is what law enforcement and justice systems who are conducting these sex sting operations and prosecuting these supposed predators they caught on adult sites are pretending to be doing. They are pretending to be catching these dangerous predators who are targeting minors online. In Texas, these cowards shamelessly put out in the media that they had caught some of these predators, when in fact they were all “predators” they, themselves had created on adult sites. None of them were caught in places were the real predators target minors. These shameless and malicious officers specifically said that these “predators” (all men) were targeting minors. They refused to inform anybody that they were all caught on adult sites.

    They are not the heroes they are pretending to be. Predators who prey on minors do not go on adult sites to look for minors who are supposedly looking to have sex with adults and even telling their real ages to these adults that they are trying to have sexual contact with. It just doesn’t happen.

    This shows the reality of online predators and child sexual abuse:



    Click to access Internet_Safety-Tips_for_Parents.pdf




    Valid police work targeting actual predators:


    Why is anybody accepting this cowardly, lazy, deceptive police work as addressing a real problem???



  4. Keep pushing forward,.this all one day will come to light, if there were more fighters like you I’m sure these stings would be done properly.


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